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How do I set up a user so they cannot view SMS message content?

This FAQ explains how to set up a user so they have limited access to message content within SMS reports. This is useful when message content contains sensitive information, but the user must still be able to view the status of messages.

In this case, the user will see the text "(Content Hidden)" in both the online reports as well as any downloaded exports. 

There are two options to set this up.

Option 1: Use the Report Viewer default role

  1. Create a new user or edit an existing user.

  2. Assign the "Platform: Report Viewer" role.

The "Platform: Report Viewer" role has the following permissions by default.

Option 2: Use a custom role

This option allows you to grant access on a more granular level.

  1. Create a custom role and give it a name and description.

  2. Select the solution "Platform".

  3. Add the relevant permissions.

  4. To enable a user to view reports, select the "Read" checkbox for the "Reporting" permission.

  5. For message content:

    1. Select the "Read" checkbox for the "Message content" to allow the user to see the message content.

    2. Un-select the "Read" checkbox for the "Message content" permission to hide the message content from the user.

6. Save by clicking the Add Role button.

7. Assign this new role to an existing user or create a new user.


IMPORTANT: From the Message center in the Clickatell Portal, download history is available to all users on an account. It's possible for someone without access to view message content to see all the details by downloading a report exported by a user with full permission.


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