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What are the messaging throughput limits for 10DLC Campaigns?

Throughput and volume limits are determined based on who is sending the message (the Brand) and what is being sent (the Use Case and Vertical), not on the number of long numbers associated with the Campaign.  

Note: Clickatell has its own internal limits (currently 10,000/day/long number) to prevent unexpected billing occurrences. This limit is currently under review.

Most frequently supplied limits for average 10DLC campaigns:

  • AT&T: 240 messages per minute (TPM)

  • T-Mobile: 2000 messages per day per 10DLC brand


AT&T allocates throughput on a text-per-minute basis per the following table. Generally, if the throughput is exceeded, messages will be rejected and could still be billable. 

Message Tier Use Case (Risk Level) Use Case AT&T TPM*
A Standard (low-risk provider) Declared 4,500
B Standard (low-risk provider) Mixed/Marketing 4,500
C Standard (medium-risk provider) Declared 2,400
D Standard (medium-risk provider) Mixed/Marketing 2400
E Standard (high-risk provider) Declared 240
F Standard (high-risk provider) Mixed/Marketing 240
Other/Special Use Cases Special Variety Available on request

*TPM - Text Per Minute   



T-Mobile sets a daily messaging limit at the Brand (i.e., business) level, meaning you can only send messages up to the daily allotted amount. To clarify, if your Brand has multiple campaigns, they will all share this daily message allotment. Once the limit has been reached, delivery for additional messages will be rejected and could still be billable. 

See the below chart for a breakdown.

Risk Level Use Case Type T-Mobile Brand Daily Cap
Low Standard 200,000
Medium Standard 40,000
High Standard 10,000
Basic Standard 2,000

How can I find out my Brand/Campaign limits?

Currently, your Brand/Campaign’s volume limits are not visible in the Clickatell Portal. However, a request can be sent to our support team requesting the 10DLC volume limits. Expect a turnaround time of a few days depending on available capacity. 

How can my throughput or volume limits be improved?

The best way to improve your volume limits is by having the Brand externally vetted, declaring a Use Case, and providing a detailed explanation of the Campaign. 

Currently, the Clickatell Portal does not have the functionality to request external vetting for a Brand, however, a request can be sent to our support team. Note that there is a cost associated, and the support team can provide more information. Be aware that external vetting is not guaranteed to result in a better trust score. 

Take note of how Clickatell’s internal limits may impact the account. 

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