Chat Banking

Give your customers the ability to bank the way they want: over chat.

Clickatell - Chat 2 Pay

Engage. Enable. Delight. Repeat.

Put your bank in the chat apps your customers love, like WhatsApp. With chat banking, customers get their digital banking customer support, account management, and bill payment services from within chat—and you automate the process to deliver a fast and familiar mobile experience.

Chat self-service in banking

Enable support and related services within a chat app. Customers enjoy 24/7 availability and the ability to quickly choose support services without the need to include service agents.

Enable customers to:

  • Get real-time support and rapid responses to inquiries.

  • Report fraud or ID theft, as well as the ability to turn cards on or off.

  • Find nearby banks or ATMs.

  • Apply for credit cards, loans, and other banking services.

Engage with more customers via Clickatell chat banking.

  • Use the mobile chat apps that customers already prefer.

  • Offer anytime, everywhere in-chat branches, open 24/7.

  • Deliver fast and familiar digital banking experiences that customers expect.

  • Automate routine banking tasks, offering customer support, account payment, and transaction services.

  • Reach a wider audience, growing revenue through commerce while also lowering business costs.

Chat Banking: Explore the possibilities.

Offer anytime, everywhere in-chat branches, open 24/7.

Make banking services available anytime, everywhere

Make banking services available anytime, everywhere

Empower customers with mobile-first and mobile-always experiences.

Lower costs

Lower costs

Use menu-based automation to accelerate tasks and reduce friction for customers.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Enable partner offerings, such as digital goods, to become available in chat apps.

Improve customer engagement

Improve customer engagement

Instantly interact with your customers in the way they prefer.

Proven chat banking provider on WhatsApp.

We created the world’s first chat banking solution—and today have numerous clients offering chat banking services to their customers. Fast to implement, Clickatell’s pre-configured chat banking solution automates banking activities for mobile users on WhatsApp.

Built for the needs of modern banking.

Fraud detection

Queuing and routing

Workflow creation

Transaction and payment acceptance

Chat channel access

Digital distribution of products

Start providing chat banking: As easy as Hi. Buy. Bye.