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Chat Banking

Open a 24/7, everywhere branch in chat

Chat banking puts your bank in the chat apps your customers love, like WhatsApp. Here’s how chat banking works: you automate banking tasks within the chat apps your customers already use. Customers get their support, account and bill pay services from within chat. And you deliver the fast and familiar digital experience they expect.

Chat Banking: Get Ready. Get set.

Learn how to take advantage of the rapidly evolving chat banking service and commerce opportunity.
A global shift to chat is underway and our eBook, video and article outlines how banks should approach this powerful medium
for engaging with and transacting for mobile-first customers.

Frictionless banking

Anytime, anywhere service
Anytime, anywhere service

Empower customers with mobile-first and mobile-always experiences.

Lower costs
Lower costs

Menu-based automation speeds tasks for customers without frustration.

Higher revenue
Higher revenue

Make partner offerings, like digital goods, available in chat apps.

Proven chat banking on WhatsApp

Clickatell created the world’s first chat banking solution.
Today, multiple Clickatell clients deliver chat banking to
customers. Fast to implement, our pre-configured
solution automates banking activities for mobile users
with WhatsApp and USSD.

Use Cases


Account Management

Transaction Services

Self-service banking

Chat Banking self-service provides support and related services within a chat app. Customers enjoy the 24/7 availability and the ability to quickly choose support services without the need to include service agents.

Chat banking self-service use cases include:

  • Real-time support and rapid responses to inquiries
  • Reporting of fraud or ID theft as well as the ability to turn cards on or off
  • Location services to nearby bank or ATM
  • New services such as applications for credit cards, loans and other bank services
  • Handoffs for human-in-the-loop interactions as necessary

Account management chat

Chat Banking account management allows customers to view and manage all account activities within chat. Customers gain immediate access and control over essential banking services and activities.

Chat banking account management use cases include:

  • Viewing account balances
  • Bank statement and tax document retrievals
  • Stop payment on checks
  • Add or change overdraft services
  • Open new accounts
  • Set up and management of direct deposits

Touch screen

Chat Banking transaction services enables banks to sell, distribute and manage payments for digital goods and services within chat – increasing customer engagement and spend.

Chat banking transaction services use cases include:

  • Instant payment and fulfillment of mobile data and airtime, digital media subscriptions, and gift cards
  • Digital product management, payment, and fulfillment for goods and services provided by bank affiliates and partners
  • Peer-to-peer payments

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