What Is SMS Integration?

SMS or Short Message Service is one of the most loved and used messaging services in the world. Nearly 23 billion SMS messages are sent per day across the globe. Many of those, of course, are between individuals. But over the last decade, SMS has become an increasingly popular choice for business communication and marketing. Very popular. A full 64% would prefer to perform customer service activities via SMS than over the phone.

The great news? This secure, 100% private communication between your business and your loyal customers is as good for your company as it is for your customers. And, it’s easy to get started. The best way for businesses to market with SMS is through SMS integration. SMS integration is a web-based SMS management system that allows for the sending of bulk text messages.

SMS Integration Services

The most common SMS integration service is through an SMS gateway API or Application Programming Interface. APIs are software intermediaries which allow two applications to talk to each other. For example, with Clickatell, you can send and receive text messages globally using SMS APIs.

The SMS integration service provided by Clickatell allows you to reach and engage with 90% of the world’s population in real-time. Clickatell also will enable you to reach consumers in over 220 territories and over 1,000 networks. This allows your business to reach over six billion phone users. This kind of reach is definitely powerful for your business marketing.

Features of SMS Integration

SMS integration allows you to:

  • send bulk SMS online

  • conduct two-way SMS

  • email to SMS gateway

  • send SMS via the web

  • bulk send a large volume from Microsoft Excel

  • offer toll-free SMS support

  • create contact lists

  • have automated SMS services

  • send multimedia (MMS) messages

  • send and receive messages in real time


SMS Integration Benefits

There are a number of benefits associated with SMS integration. SMS gateway integration with Clickatell enables you and your team to:

Build your brand and increase brand recognition

Easily create groups to quickly send messages to. Just load mobile numbers directly in the software program, so you can easily make your SMS list of customers. Then, send your message to the entire group with a simple click of a mouse.

 Better understand your target audience

With SMS you can send targeted communication through every step of your relationship with your customer. You’ll also see if the intended audience got your message—no more wondering if your message was received. What’s more, you can configure your SMS accounts to push replies to an email address, so you never miss a contact from your customers.

 Reach a vast audience cost-effectively

Reach a larger audience than a mobile marketing platform alone. Almost every one of the 6 billion mobile phone users worldwide has a phone that can receive SMS messages. Sending to international customers is affordable and cost-effective. And, unlike emails that might end up in a junk mail or trashed without opening, SMS has a 98% open rate—usually occurring within 90 seconds of receiving the SMS message.

Get Started with SMS Gateway Integration Today

SMS is the tool you need for your business marketing initiatives to better reach and communicate with potential customers. Are you ready to use SMS for your business marketing efforts? Clickatell’s been helping businesses and their customers connect via SMS for over 20 years. We have the experience, reach, and expertise to help you pull together the right SMS integration for your enterprise—quickly and efficiently.

Our intuitive platform is set to grow with you, connecting you to your customers across the globe in the way that’s most beneficial to your business. Get access to standard and customized dashboards and reports to see what is working with your customers and be able to pivot and adjust your SMS messaging at every step along the way. And enjoy 24/7 support all 365 days of the year.

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