Better Digital Customer Experience by Going from One to Two-Way Messaging

With businesses constantly competing for the attention of consumers, brands are having to quickly adapt to new ways of innovative communications and marketing to keep an aggressive edge against their competitors. Digital CX and this drastic shift in the CPaaS industry is not new; the global shift of the past few years has merely accelerated an ongoing trend that has already been slowly growing for years. Now, more than ever, customers are expecting the brands they engage with to be mobile first and convenient, and have immediate customer support.

Go from Notifications to Conversations

In the past, it was normal for companies to offer passive services and communicate to customers with one-way messaging. One way messaging meant notifications and alerts, but never gave the business the opportunity to engage in a conversation, which could ultimately lead a customer further into their buying journey/ For example, one-way messaging was a great start in digital banking, but its capabilities were so limited that businesses couldn’t expand their customer experience much. The interactions lacked engagement; it stopped with a one-way alert, leaving no room for customers to respond to notifications about fraud alerts, or activate their cards through a simple text message; customers also were not able to get in touch with customer service regarding a claim without the hassle of picking up the phone. This stunted the growth of an interaction and left many aspects of successful digital CX untapped.

Two-way advanced messaging is a game changer when it comes to providing superior customer experience that is more engaging, efficient, proactive and most importantly, available 24/7.

Two-way messaging is a strategy that allows brands and their audience to be in the moment; to connect and engage with real-time messaging, in particular moments when consumers need customer support. This type of advanced messaging presents both business and consumer with a heap of benefits. It provides the ultimate personalized customer experience with direct messages, that make consumers feel special and unique.

What are the Benefits of Using Two-Way Advanced Messaging for Businesses?
  • Deeper customer engagement

  • Sophisticated digital user experience

  • Create and save existing dialogue from chat conversations

  • Go beyond one-sided offers and promotional notifications

  • Personalized conversations that make your customers feel closer to your brand

  • Reduce friction in customer journey

  • Lower operational costs with higher ROI and efficiency

  • Ability to handle higher volume of messaging with the help of automation

  • Easy app-like functionality within messaging channels

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • More available and timely support

The possibilities are suddenly amplified with two-way messaging. Its power extends to all industries, each holding its own unique and extremely valuable impact. Consumers nowadays want brands to know what they want before they even think of it themselves. They want the perfect concoction of convenience, automation, and personalization to be seamlessly put in front of them to absorb. Two-way advanced messaging allows brands to reach out to consumers first, respond to their time-sensitive inquiries, and create more meaningful customer relationships. This strategy is a key player in providing a great digital customer experience and rising above competitors in your industry. According to SuperOffice, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

To explore more of how you can optimize and elevate your CX, what it can do for your business, and why you should start implementing mobile messaging strategies today, check out our eBook on The Evolution of Notifications to Chat Commerce. We deep dive into the messaging revolution and how it is shaping digital commerce, brand and consumer interactions, and ultimately customer experience. It’s pivotal for businesses to understand the importance of two-way communication and its relevance for innovative digital CX. 

How to Start Using Two-Way Messaging?

It’s time to reach your customers where they are – within chat and graduate your communications from notifications to conversations. Two-way messaging goes beyond the simple SMS notification; it deeply engages your consumers and significantly changes the way your business interacts with its audience for the better.

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