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Announcing Chat Desk a Contact Center Solution that Increases Efficiency

By guest author Joe de Wet, Director of Product: Touch Platform

Customer service is at a turning point. In the ever-evolving digital world, we find ourselves in today, customers contact businesses more often, using multiple channels while expecting immediate answers.

That is exactly why we launched Chat Desk, a digital contact center solution, integrated with the world’s most popular chat channels, that provides multi-channel customer support through a single interface for agents.

I am proud to say that I am part of Clickatell Touch Flow (automated response facilitation) and Clickatell Chat Desk (live agent to customer interaction via a customer-selected chat application).

Clickatell’s experience in servicing over 15 000 brands for the last 20 years ensured that Chat Desk reduces customer service complexities and enables brands to improve customer service by having live interactions with their demanding but loyal customers on a device that they carry with them and via a chat application that suits them. Chat, and all the various enabling platforms are the one tool everyone uses every day for business and pleasure.

Chat Desk ensures agents, agent supervisors, and management can provide a consistent customer experience. Features, amongst many others, such as Agent Assist provide automatic suggested responses when an agent needs to respond to a customer.

Through a natural and easy to navigate interface enabling rapid onboarding of staff whilst providing an exceptional level of customer service, Clickatell’s Chat Desk improves contact center efficiency.

For customer-centric businesses and leading brands who need to create immediate customer value, Chat Desk is the ultimate solution that can efficiently manage customer inquiries through chat channels.


For more information on Clickatell visit

For details about Chat Desk visit: /products/chat-desk/

To view a demo video of Chat Desk visit click here

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