4 Tech trends that’ll change things this year

Every month it seems something new emerges from current tech trends that changes how you do business. Companies must be able to keep up with these changes because their customers certainly are. If your business gets left behind, customers will simply move on to those who can cater to their current technology needs. No one will wait for you to catch up. It’s just the beginning of 2017, so let’s examine what will be making waves in the months to come.

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The Internet of Things

One of the most obvious ways that tech progress has made itself apparent is through the widespread adoption and use of smart devices. This is a category referring to all those pieces of tech that connect and operate with apps that can use the Internet. The Internet of Things is what happens when all these devices talk to each other. In terms of tech trends, there is no underestimating what the Internet of Things will lead to.

For the modern business, this means being aware of the range of devices customers expect to connect online. They will want your apps or software to work across a range of platforms – their phones, desktops, tablets and so on – and expect these to work interchangeably. In other words, being able to run the company’s app on only a smartphone will be considered limiting in 2017. It’s time to change that.

Cyber security

Related to the Internet of Things is the increased focus on cybersecurity. Throughout tech’s progress, security has always been central. Consumers will not want devices or software which leaves them vulnerable.

For the modern business person, this means cyber security must be built into projects from the beginning. After 2016 and the numerous breaches into some of the biggest companies in the world, consumers are more aware than ever about their personal security. It will simply be unthinkable to work with modern technology while disregarding the need for cyber security.


Despite its complicated name, blockchain is becoming increasingly used within the domain of cyber security. IBM recently announced their focus on blockchain for security purposes. As Tech Crunch explains: “At its core blockchain is a transparent and tamper-proof digital ledger.” It was originally used to manage Bitcoin security, negating the need for oversight from third parties. “Just as it could track Bitcoin’s activity in a secure and transparent fashion, it’s capable of tracking other types of data in private blockchain networks.”

Essentially this means any company could create a secure network allowing members “to share information freely, knowing that only the members could see it, and the information couldn’t be altered once it’s been entered.” By making things more secure, but reducing the effort needed, this makes a change in how companies will tackle security in 2017.

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While consumers expect their devices to be secure, they also want things to be efficient. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one-way numerous companies are making that happen. As we’ve highlighted before, there is a range of devices demonstrating what AI is capable of that will be in consumers’ hands. Clickatell Touch, for example, uses machine learning to improve the responses provided to customers seeking knowledge.

Tech trends matter

These are just some modern tech trends that will change how people will use technology this year. And make no mistake ... they matter! Businesses must keep up if they hope to grow and maintain their customer base.

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