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Software round-up: Google Chromecast

Chromecast software review

Google Chromecast, the revolutionary dongle that can turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV, has received mixed reviews all over the world. The fact that it launched at the unbelievably low price of just $35 (roughly R375), however, already has it in the favour of many users. Essentially, what the Chromecast can do is exactly what its name says - it casts audio and videos from a Google Chrome browser onto a television set.

We've rounded up the top five pros of using a Google Chromecast:

Installation is as easy as our SMS Gateway

Installation takes no longer than a few minutes. The instructions are easy to follow, and prompts are given along the way.

It's one of the smallest devices around

It's no bigger than a flash stick and fits into the side of the TV.

Your phone or tablet acts as your remote control

It doesn't get much more convenient than this: search and select what you want to watch or listen to from your phone or tablet.

You can still do other stuff on your phone or tablet while you're using it as a remote

Unlike its counterparts, Google Chromecast will still allow you to send and receive messages and phone calls without having to interrupt viewing.

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