Pairing humans with chatbots will improve customer experience

Pairing chatbots & humans for improved CX

With all the recent developments in AI and chatbots, people have started to fear that their jobs are at risk of being performed by robots. While there’s been much talk around this as far as low-skilled jobs are concerned, there will always be a need for a human connection when it comes to improved customer experience. Take the finance, health, and retail sectors, for example, they’ve gone the extra mile to incorporate chatbots into their everyday functions. And, simply by adopting these artificial technologies in their business operations, it has helped them to improve their customer experience.

In essence, humans and machines work better together because they complement each other. Although it may be intimidating for low-skilled workers because their positions could be killed off, companies that understand the need to evolve will quickly be able to replace lost jobs with talented individuals. Chatbots will certainly contribute to the appearance of new jobs and activities.

The monetary savings offered by chatbots, while being able to build your bottom line, are too big for large companies to ignore. Humans will always be needed when handling unpredictable situations, but chatbots will be able to handle calculations and data. Instead of businesses seeing the intimidation of humans vs chatbots, people need to start focusing on how these two elements can work together for the better.

Here are a few benefits of incorporating artificial technologies into your business operations:

Business process automation

Tasks that require skills to complete will still be controlled by humans, whereas any tasks that can be automated will be controlled by chatbots. Successful customer service requires a constant business presence, even if it’s in the form of a bot. With customer service, for instance, employees no longer have the time and energy to engage with customers and respond to each question or query at all hours of the day. In these situations, businesses can rely on a chatbot to complete those tasks in an intelligent, conversational manner. This way, less time is wasted on waiting for a human response.

Speed and relevancy

Chatbots have the ability to support internal and external business relations. It’s a no-brainer that bots are a lot faster and more precise in numerical tasks as everything gets calculated and categorized by computer software. With humans, there is constant error and forgetfulness that slows down the capturing process. If employees are focusing on this, responding to customer queries and trying to get through their own work, production will slow down significantly.


In theory, chatbots are able to respond to thousands of tasks at the same time, and in the blink of an eye. Of course, the more you train your bot, the more intelligent it will be. Because of the technology used to implement these actions, tasks naturally become faster and more cost-efficient for business owners. While companies are looking at ways to save on overheads, they’re also looking for new opportunities for employees to work hand-in-hand with chatbots for increased productivity and better output. It may be an unfortunate decision for some business owners since the adoption of bots will reduce the workforce, but it’s a great opportunity for already-skilled workers to take on more complex projects.

In the end, chatbots will change customer experience forever

There is no denying the benefits that chatbots hold for business operations. When utilized correctly, chatbots can offer precision, automation, scalability, and efficiency for employees, which is the ultimate goal for any business environment that deals with customers. As long as industries move quickly, companies will be able to pair talented workers with chatbot tools, helping employees to grow and excel in their working environments. If you would like to learn more about chatbots, business process automation and how they can help your business improve its customer experience, read our recent article on the topic.

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