ECI: Supporting broadband with our SMS gateway

ECI partner with Clickatell

ECI Telecom provides equipment and support to the super-fast VDSL broadband network in the UK. The company operates to tight timescales and specifications, so real-time confirmation of completed maintenance is essential. Any problems identified by the engineers need to be addressed rapidly and technicians have to coordinate tasks without compromising speed or becoming prohibitively expensive. A mobile number was set up to send status reports via the Clickatell SMS Gateway to subscribing ECI team members.

When performing checks, an engineer would send a message through the SMS gateway connecting to ECI's planning system. The message would identify the piece of equipment being checked, report on its status and identify any issues needing further attention. In addition, the originating telephone number uniquely identifies the engineer and the message is time-stamped so that the completion time is accurately recorded. The Clickatell SMS gateway provides a simple, quick and cost-effective solution for ECI, its contractors and its customers. Any opportunity for human error is greatly reduced, as the data is cross-referenced against the planning database and the report emails are automatically generated from the SMS.

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