Using conversational chatbots to drive leads for your marketing strategy

Chatbot marketing strategy to drive leads

In recent years, chatbots have been at the tips of many marketers’ tongues. Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of digital innovation. Most business owners who are yet to take advantage of these tools in their marketing strategy think that chatbot integration requires you to purchase infrastructure and build an entire chatbot from scratch. This is not the case with Clickatell Touch.

There are standard chatbots which are only equipped to communicate with the answers to very basic frequently asked questions, and, in a very robotic manner. Then there are conversational chatbots – one of the latest digital marketing trends. Conversational chatbots are ideal for any business’ marketing strategy as the purpose is to create personal relationships with your customers. These interactions are geared towards your customers’ interests, delivering impressive results that will meet your goals.

With so many chatbot options to choose from, including ones that are already successful, business owners can forget about having to build their own. Take Touch, for instance. It’s easily integrated into existing business platforms and channels, allowing business owners to access chats from one web interface where all marketing communication takes place. This is a dream come true for agencies and large corporates dealing with hundreds and thousands of customers daily.

Conversational marketing is the new inbound

A conversational marketing approach can be effortless. The more information you provide your chatbot with, the more it will be able to interact with customers and achieve various business goals. From answering questions to positioning customers in the sales funnel, there is little that a chatbot cannot do for your business. Seriously. They can also automate tasks, freeing up time for marketers to focus on landing more deals, maintaining relationships that require face-to-face communication, and general human-centric tasks that need to be done as part of your job description.

If you create a chatbot with a personalized copywriting script that is fun and engaging, your customers will gladly communicate with your business via chat. How convenient. While they’re chatting, your chatbot is gathering important insights about them which, if given the consent from their customers, will be used for future marketing.

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When you incorporate a chatbot into your marketing strategy, it needs to serve a purpose. For example, you need to prioritize what types of data you want to collect, and how that data is going to affect your business. The reason why customers want to communicate via chat is that it’s quick, short, and can be revisited whenever it suits them. For this reason, it’s important to keep interactions simple. You cannot invest in a chatbot without a clear idea of what you want to achieve with it. Your chatbot should service goals at every point of the sales funnel, and your business should uphold the same approach from start to finish. Even if a customer refuses a sale or wants to opt out of a conversation.

Align marketing communication with previous conversions

If you’re using a chatbot on your website, you’ll slowly be able to pick up customer behaviors. More often than not, a customer will return to your site for a similar product to one they bought before. Even if they add items to their wishlists or carts and leave without following through on purchases, you’ll be able to use that information to remarket to them and supply suggestions based on these items. If you don’t offer your customers similar items via chat message, at least provide them with the correct content to (hopefully) trigger sales actions in their journey.

In addition to offering the correct content to drive conversions, consider the type of content you’re giving out (or asking for) and how relevant it is. For example, you cannot be asking your customers for personal information when experiencing a top funnel interaction with your customers. Many consumers are reluctant to discuss confidential information via an online chat application, so always keep this in mind. Structure your marketing strategy around chatbot convenience until such a time when it’s best to continue as a human.

Make sure you’re following the correct metrics for a successful marketing strategy

Once you’ve entered into a conversation with a customer via chatbot, you need to measure your marketing metrics to ensure your tactics are working. These metrics will reflect the answers you need to ensure you are using the right content at the right touchpoints to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Today, there are so many digital platforms to monitor and competitors to compete with, it’s important to find new ways to improve your marketing communication for the better. Conversational commerce is changing the customer experience and we can help you fit right in.

Engage with your customers anywhere and anytime with Clickatell Touch today. It allows you to communicate with customers on their preferred channels, bringing them all together in one easy-to-use dashboard. It also offers live website chat and chatbot capabilities.

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