What the World's Most Advanced AI Means for the Future of your Business

Most advanced AI

A new advanced AI system showcases progressive language capabilities that could reinvent how we speak to machines. And it’s laying the groundwork for businesses to access powerful new advantages of artificial intelligence.

A new frontier: OpenAI’s text-generation algorithm

OpenAI, the artificial intelligence not-for-profit co-founded by Elon Musk, unveiled the new advanced AI system in San Francisco.  Researchers trained the new language model, called GPT-2, to predict the next word in about 40GB of text scraped from the internet.

The system demonstrated impressive powers to translate text, write compelling news articles, and answer reading comprehension problems.

As is the case with many new technology trends, there are fears of the potential dangers of the advanced AI.

Jack Clark, OpenAI’s policy director, told Vox they were worried troublemakers would abuse the system to spread disinformation or hate speech.

The researchers aren’t taking any chances and haven’t released the trained model of the algorithm, because of their “concerns about malicious applications of the technology”.

It’s not all the stuff of doomsday prophecies, though. OpenAI highlights the tool’s power to help develop:

  • AI writing assistants

  • Better chatbots

  • Unsupervised language translation

  • Improved speech recognition


How businesses can harness the advantages of new advanced AI systems

The business benefits of AI systems are well-known. Machines help companies automate routine and repetitive tasks, thus freeing up humans for meaningful work.

Chatbots and programs that write product descriptions are examples of the advantages of artificial intelligence in business.

The technology behind GPT-2 has the power to dramatically enhance the current tech’s capabilities. Tech companies have long been on a quest to make machines, well, more human.

Back in the 1950s, mathematician Alan Turing devised the Turing test. If a machine can pass as a human during a text chat, it wins Turing’s “imitation game”. While Turing’s method has its detractors, Lauren Kunze, the CEO of Pandorabots, said that the test measured the “defining feature of human intelligence” - language.

Taking the example of chatbots specifically, Kunze remarks that chatbots are “struggling to sensibly talk back”. OpenAI’s stride in language modelling is a technology trend that begins to lay this foundation.

Imagine superior chatbots with the ability to convert customers online as they browse your e-commerce offering. Consider advanced AI systems that have the capacity to craft compelling copy for your sales letters or product descriptions.

Employees will have the freedom to do important work that drives business growth and requires the human touch.

James Vincent writes in the Verge that systems like GPT-2 could be a “fantastic boon to all sorts of industries”.

“They could help create infinite virtual worlds full of procedurally generated characters. They could also vastly improve the conversational abilities of chatbots, helping in domains from customer complaints to health care.

“And if it turns out that teaching advanced AI systems how to perform various tasks is as simple as teaching them to read, it could lead to computers that are more like human assistants in their ability to speed-read, summarize, and answer questions.”

While GPT-2 represents an impressive gain in how machines will be able to perform language-based tasks, businesses worldwide are already using AI to improve business.

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Delight your customers with the convenience that comes with AI and chatbots

Advanced AI can improve the customer journey and help businesses save time. If you want to learn more about these technology trends, read our recent article about the applications of artificial intelligence and chatbots.

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