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Tips to best market your online chatbot

Marketing online chatbots

The online chatbot space is an exciting opportunity for business owners to benchmark their customer experience against their competitors. While it’s a brilliant idea to implement such marketing intelligence in your business, the challenge does not lie in the execution, but rather in the discovery of your online chatbot.

Marketing a chatbot is a major hurdle for businesses. Given that the “popular” ones are mainly found through social media platforms, you still need to make a noise on other digital platforms. Most customers will not feel moved to seek out your chatbot, so if you’re not advertising it you will, unfortunately, miss out on the benefits of your online chatbot.

Here are a few tips to consider when marketing your online chatbot:

Make your online chatbot discoverable on social media

If you use social media as a tool to push customers to your online chatbot, add a “Send Message” or “Message Us” chat button to your contact page so that customers can strike up a conversation with your bot immediately. The same goes for the rest of your website. Try to incorporate plugin buttons on your website so that customers can start a chat at any moment or on any page of your website.

Depending on the plugin you use, you might be able to accumulate personal information as they enter a chat. These features can help you to personalize your content immediately and surprise your customers with a memorable experience. By utilizing tools such as Clickatell Touch, you’ll be able to ensure that if someone clicks on the chat icon via your mobile app, social media platform or website page, you’ll be able to receive all messages on one web-based interface where you can reply accordingly. Forget having to monitor several channels or purchase a variety of software. Touch easily integrates into your existing platforms.

Another tip is to name your chatbot, preferably something linking to your business, so that customers can search for your online chatbot. If it’s not via social media, customers can enter the name into Google and Google will be able to search through bot directories for yours. This detailed step will allow customers to familiarize themselves with your chatbot. Which, in turn, helps your customers to find you more easily.

Create an SEO-friendly landing page for your online chatbot

Seeing is believing. You don’t want customers to come across your chatbot online, and when they decide to give conversation a bash with you, they’re unable to find the correct site to engage. For this reason, it’s important to create a landing page dedicated to your chatbot. This way, customers will be able to read about the purpose of your chatbot and where they can find it. Businesses cannot always assume that customers know how to operate a live chat or communicate with an artificial agent. You’ll also be able to incorporate a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy into this landing page, allowing you to pull traffic to your online chatbot according to a set of keywords used when explaining your business’s platform.

Include chat options on existing communication channels

If you’re sending out an email or an SMS to your customers, try to include call to action (CTA) buttons that direct your customers to your online chatbot. You can also include snippets of chatbot dialogue in your existing blog content. For example, if customers have landed on a recent blog article or service offerings page, add a chatbot feature to the page where customers can click on the bot, which directs them to the landing page or allows them to respond on that particular page in real-time. The convenience will interest your customers, encouraging them to learn more about your business.

Be creative!

In your promotional efforts, try to be as creative as possible. If you promote your marketing intelligence as well as you utilize it to add value to your business operations, you’ll be off to a good start. If none of the above-mentioned tips work, try your hand at paid advertising to spark initial interest.

Creating awareness will help you gain traction with your customers, identify your audiences, and pick the correct platform to promote your chatbot on after that. With the right chatbot and omnichannel communication software, you’ll be able to chat to plenty of customers across various digital platforms.

Clickatell Touch can help you to engage with customers 24/7 and harness the power of automation. Read about the features and benefits of this marketing intelligence tool or watch this quick video to see Clickatell Touch in action.

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