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5 reasons why SMS messaging should be central to your logistics business

Logistics. It’s probably not the first industry you’d think of when it comes to implementing innovative technology. But being up to date on the latest technology trends can mean the difference between being highly efficient and missing a deadline. A difference that could cost thousands of dollars and have you trailing your closest competitors by some distance. And some in the industry are getting it right. Palletways, the European pallet giant, has launched new technology that uses SMS messages to notify the supply chain of a pallet’s estimated time of arrival. Here are some other reasons why SMS messaging is one of the most effective channels of communication for your logistics business.

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Timely communication

Timely, relevant communication is extremely important to any good logistics business. SMS messaes provide a ubiquitous, cost-effective, fast, and reliable way to communicate with your contractors, customers or employees. Plus, it’s easily integrated into any existing infrastructure or processes.

Logistics businesses are likely to have a fleet on the roads constantly. SMS 's provide and incredibly easy and simple way of staying in contact with drivers, alerting them of changes in schedules or updating contact details or addresses with the simple touch of a button. Updates can also be sent containing information on traffic, scheduled roadworks, and any inclement weather.

Customer engagement via SMS messaging

The mobile world is only getting more sophisticated, yet SMS messaging remains one of the most powerful ways of communicating with your customers. 90 percent of SMSes are read within three minutes of delivery and your message is almost guaranteed to be read with a 98 percent open rate. Let’s say your driver runs into a sudden and unforeseen circumstance which hinders them from delivering a package to your customer at the predetermined time. No stress. A simple SMS will alert your customer of any delays and new expected time of arrival. This will ensure that your customers are kept in-the-know and are likely to keep them happy.

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An improved warehouse management system

Using SMS messages, you can inform your customers of any inventory shortages or back-order deliveries. You can also keep your staff in the loop with real-time updates in the case of order delays or system failures. Need more space for an incoming unexpected shipment? No problem. A simple SMS can alert your warehouse manager to prepare the space ahead of time.

Improved customer service

Customers constantly bombard logistics businesses with queries around products or delivery information, complaints, and other service requests. SMS messages can help relieve some of this pressure and let your customer service staff deal more effectively with it. By incorporating the right short codes, customers can speak directly to the appropriate representative and have their query resolved faster. For example, a customer could send an SMS with the word ‘DELIVERY’ to a dedicated short code to stay updated on their package’s delivery status. And you can send gentle reminders to customers about outstanding invoice payments via SMS.

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The logistics industry can also benefit greatly from managing and promoting their business using an SMS marketing campaign. text messaging is an easy and simple way to engage with clients in a non-obtrusive way and affect lead generation.

Reduce human error in the process

When sensitive information, such as the time of arrival, customer details or delivery details are sent via SMS  texts, human error can be avoided completely. Sure, calling also works, but requires someone to write something down. That’s where errors can creep in. With SMS communication, the entire process becomes more efficient and less open to mistakes.


If you’d like to learn more about how technology trends are disrupting the business industry, read our latest article that outlines which industries are ready for machine learning. Alternatively, if you’re interested in improving your logistics business with SMS, sign up for a free Clickatell Platform trial today and find out how SMS messaging can benefit your business.


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