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Use SMS marketing to win over your customers’ hearts

How SMS marketing can improve business

Love it or hate it, SMS marketing is still the most powerful marketing medium.

The more convenient smartphones become, the more texting will become the primary source of communication for customers when speaking with their favorite brands. Take millennial customers, for instance. They would much rather engage via text or chatbots than make a dreaded phone call.

In recent years, Google has introduced their messaging platform which acts as a bulk messaging tool but allows businesses to communicate with various customer groups regardless of their device. Someone with a smartphone will receive an updated message with MMS, emojis, stickers and more from Google RCS, while customers who are working off a standard, outdated mobile phone, will receive the message as a regular SMS. This Google RCS approach is non-invasive which is satisfying for customers.

How texting can make your customers happier

Most individuals use texting to communicate with their friends and family. And since this is their preferred communication channel, it can be life changing when their favorite brand offers them the option of text when it comes to customer service. There’s no particular reason why people despise answering the phone, other than the fact that phone calls are unpredictable. We’re all busy and quite honestly don’t have time. A ‘quick question’ turns into a five-minute sales pitch which doesn’t appeal to most people. If you give your customers the opportunity to text you, with sales agents or designated chatbots there to answer and assist individuals in the moments that matter, you’ll be able to win over more customers.

Here are a few reasons why texting can improve business:

Personal communication improves the customer experience

The strange thing about the millennial generation is that they want a response as quickly as possible, but if it’s via text they’re not too phased if they need to wait for a text in real-time. As long as they know they’ve engaged with a business or sales agent and someone will be in touch shortly, they’re happy.

Because phone calls are already so boring and tedious, calling creates further frustration for customers. If customers know that the texting platform available to them is safe, secure and effective, more people will choose to text businesses as opposed to getting in touch via email, phone call or social media.

Texting is faster than any phone call or email could be, so incorporating text into your business model could significantly improve your service and grow your customer base.

Understanding customers better drives smarter product development

When you communicate directly with a customer, you’ll be able to pick up on habits that will help you improve or tweak your customer approach. The big data gathered, paired with predictive analytics, will also help to improve your business model and see how your customers will adjust to your new product or service. Over time, this will become valuable in differentiating yourself from your competitors.

SMS-based ordering eliminates the chance of cart abandonment

Another perk of texting is for e-commerce businesses which require customers to add items to their carts online and purchase directly on the website. Most carts are abandoned because of the complex processes customers have to complete before purchasing. If customers could communicate and place orders via text without having to sign up or pay an additional cost, it could potentially be a more convenient medium for customers. It’ll also boost overall satisfaction.

SMS marketing provides an advantage over brands with a traditional retail model

The digital world is a peculiar one. Either you’re working hard to differentiate your brand online or you’re simply going with the motions and keeping an online presence for the sake of it. In order to keep your customers happy and make a difference online, you need to adopt the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools and software. To see how SMS marketing can help you to improve your customer engagement strategy and deliver outstanding service, read more about Clickatell’s SMS marketing platform. We can help you to reach customers whenever, no matter how you choose to connect with them. This world-class platform is innovative and affordable, which is ideal for any business looking to engage in real-time.

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