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Clickatell SMS Platform: Bringing SMS to the client-business conversation

Clickatell SMS Platform

The smartphone saturation wave that has washed over developing markets has one major ripple effect. It’s changing the way customers are engaging with brands. This changing tide demands a response from businesses that hope to remain relevant to their markets and Clickatell SMS Platform is here to make that happen.

While most companies are focusing on millennials and their contribution to this change, the really progressive businesses are looking a little further down the line. Generation Z – that is the age group between one and twenty – are bringing their own communication demands to the table and businesses that are unprepared face future crisis if they fail to adapt. It’s clear that mobile phones are here to stay. So, finding ways to allow for customer engagement using this channel should be an absolute priority for businesses in the next five to ten years. This is because businesses are moving from mobile-first to mobile always.

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Clickatell’s CEO, Deon van Heerden has coined the phrase “digital gap analysis” and has this to say about how businesses need to adapt to the digital evolution:

“Companies that are looking to tap into the opportunities of digitalization should start by understanding their customers better. A thorough analysis of their customer, including how they interact, where they can be found and how they want to be engaged with, should be conducted.

In keeping with the true meaning of the word ‘digitalization’, companies should be seizing the opportunity to change their processes. They should look carefully at their workflows and, if necessary, overhaul them. More often than not, it’s the operational processes and the flow of data which, if not shifted to suit the consumer, lead to poor customer experience.”

And to fill this digital gap, we recently launched Clickatell SMS Platform, a mobile messaging solution that enables businesses to create and implement faster, customizable communication solutions. Designed to equip businesses with the necessary communication tools, SMS Platform creates and facilitates a more streamlined conversation between said businesses and their customers.

How does Platform benefit businesses?

Well, the SMS Platform allows businesses to build the conversation channels they have, their way. It gives them the ability to SMS-enable any application, website or system, gains complete control over their customer communication, creates customizable content, takes advantage of international two-way messaging, and more.

In layman’s terms, the SMS Platform is a conversation enabler. And, since it’s through conversation that businesses can introduce their customers to new services and products and develop future products, it’s a business enabler too. SMS Platform equips businesses with tools that streamline and manage business operational processes more effectively.

How does the system do all that it promises? It offers one-way and two-way SMS messaging options that include dedicated routes for time sensitive messages such as one-time PINs or instant notifications. The system has a truly global reach through the use of Clickatell’s SMS gateway which covers 220 territories and more than 1 000 different mobile networks. It’s also extremely user-friendly, with wizard-driven code generation, user-friendly implementation, and no need for ‘rip out and replace’ installation.

Clickatell SMS Platform was launched in late-2016 and new channels such as email and IP chat will be integrated in the near future. In addition, any channels that are deemed critical enough to future business operations will be added in time, so don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas.

Clickatell SMS Platform has a ton of great new features that include:

  • A single account interface that allows for multiple users

  • Web-based and extremely user-friendly

  • Scalable, flexible and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure and systems

  • The ability to deliver thousands of messages every second

  • Role, rights and permissions-based access facilitating greater control

  • Unlimited testing in our sandbox environment

The implications are unique to your business and include benefits like:

  • The creation of personalized correspondence with the customer

  • A competitive edge in the market

  • Generally streamlined customer communications

  • Fast, effortless and competitively affordable

  • An extremely high open rate which near-guarantees that the message is read

  • Near-instant message delivery ensures that messages are read quickly

  • Smoother business processes due to more efficient communication

  • 100% secure and entrusted by over 15 000 clients across the globe

  • Faster business decision making based on deep insights through big data and automation

  • Improved efficiency

  • Reduced costs and increased revenue

  • Greater customer experience through streamlined processes

Clickatell SMS Platform opens an affordable, efficient and attractive line of communication with your customers and allows you access from anywhere in the world. Our SMS pricing estimator ensures that you’ll find a solution that suits your budget and business processes. SMS Platform promises to keep your business relevant in an ever-evolving mobile world with faster and more efficient conversations between you and your customers. Read more about the system or sign up for a free account today and enjoy unlimited testing in our free and flexible sandbox testing environment.

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