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Clickatell SMS Platform changes the SMS game

Clickatell  SMS messaging Platform

More than 6 billion people can be reached via SMS and 90% of SMS messages are read within the first 3 minutes. This is the incredible reach that SMS communication has. And it’s certainly not something that’s lost on Clickatell’s product developers who have recently launched Clickatell SMS Platform.

Clickatell CEO, Deon van Heerden, sees mobile as an inevitable evolution of communication. “Whether it’s C2C, C2B or B2C, the world is moving towards communicating through mobile by default. We’re shifting from mobile first to mobile always. It’s time that businesses get ready to be accessible from the palm of the customer’s hand.”

It’s into this landscape that Clickatell has launched Clickatell SMS Platform. This is a mobile messaging solution that enables businesses to create and implement faster, customizable communication solutions. Designed to equip businesses with real-time communication tools, SMS Platform will create and facilitate a more streamlined dialogue between the business and its customers.

SMS Platform will allow businesses to build their conversation platforms, their way. SMS Platform gives them the ability to SMS-enable any application, website or system, facilitate international two-way messaging and more.

Conversation is king

Our clients obviously want to remain relevant to their customers. The logical progression then is to understand fully how their customers communicate. The ‘immediate response, always on’ media channels mean that it’s now about the immediate, always on resolution of issues, more efficient, personalized customer service, and specific targeted campaigning. It’s about having a conversation. Businesses can no longer just shout into the marketing void and expect to reap rewards. They have to adapt and be speaking to individuals in a language that they relate to and understand.

It’s through conversation that businesses can introduce their customers to new services and products, and develop new products according to market needs. Clickatell SMS Platform is a powerful, fully scalable enabler of this conversation, equipping businesses with tools that’ll streamline and manage processes more effectively.

How does Clickatell SMS Platform work?

Clickatell SMS Platform creates messaging options to suit every business need. It does this by offering one-way and two-way messaging options that include dedicated routes for time-sensitive messages such as one-time PINs or notifications. SMS Platform has a truly global reach through Clickatell’s infrastructure which covers 220 territories and more than 1 000 different networks. It’s also extremely user-friendly with wizard-driven code generation and easy implementation.

Clickatell SMS Platform was launched in November 2016 and new channels such as email and IP chat will be added in the near future. We’re also flexible about adding further channels to the application, should we find them critical enough to business processes so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if there are channels you’d like to see added.

Clickatell SMS Platform features

We’ve introduced a stack of great new features to our SMS Platform:

  • Multiple business users can now be created within a single account interface

  • SMS Platform is web-based and extremely user-friendly

  • Scalable, flexible and easy to integrate into your existing systems

  • SMS Platform delivers thousands of messages every second

  • Role, rights and permissions based access control

  • Unlimited free testing in our new Sandbox environment

The benefits to your business

The host of benefits to businesses include:

  • Clickatell SMS Platform is fast, effortless and competitively affordable

  • The high open rate that SMS enjoys guarantees that almost every message will be read

  • You control when messages are read thanks to near-instant message delivery

  • Smoother business processes thanks to more efficient communication

  • 100% secure – we’re already trusted by over 15,000 global partners

  • Faster decision making based on deep insights through big data and automation

Clickatell SMS Platform opens an affordable line of communication with your customers, virtually anywhere in the world. Our interactive pricing estimator will allow you to find a solution that fits your budget and suits your business process. Clickatell SMS Platform promises to bring your business into the mobile age with faster, more efficient conversations. Can you afford to miss out? Read more about Clickatell SMS Platform or sign up for a free account today and enjoy unlimited testing in our new sandbox environment.

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