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How the advantages of artificial intelligence can improve your company's UX

Advantages of artificial intelligence for UX

From the colors used on a company website to its interaction with users, user experience (UX) means that everything will need to be designed to eliminate obstacles and drive conversions. But, it can be difficult to do this manually and there is always the chance that the audience will disengage at some point. How can you remedy this? By tapping into the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI), of course.

Read on for how AI can help to improve your company’s UX significantly.

You can give expert guidance

A major part of the customer buying-journey involves research. During this phase, the customer is actively looking for new and relevant information to help them decide on where to buy from or whose services to use. And one of the best places to find information is on a company website.

When consumers visit your website initially, a large amount of them will go on to do something other than making a purchase. This can be anything from researching your product or even reading about your company. This is where AI comes in handy. By tapping into the advantages of artificial intelligence, you can turn the odds in your favor during this research phase by offering customers personalized advice based on their activity on your website. For example, if a customer keeps clicking on a certain product category, you could have a chatbot or popup appear on their screen telling them all about the products and why they would benefit them.

Make use of behavior-triggered marketing

Behavior-triggered marketing is one of the latest advantages of artificial intelligence to take the marketing world by storm. What it means is that the AI and marketing automation software you implement on your website will send an SMS to a customer based on their behavior, or lack thereof.

One example is when a customer reaches the checkout point of purchase but fails to make the payment. After a day or two, the AI bot will notice that no further action has been taken, and you can craft an SMS to send to the customer reminding them about their purchase. This behavior-triggered marketing is highly effective at creating conversions and it shows consumers that you are paying attention to them which, in turn, will improve their experience and their loyalty to your brand.

Use in-product support chatbots

Chatbots are no new thing to the world of technology. But what is new is the way you use them to improve your UX. Chatbots are becoming more and more human, thanks to the “Hollywood formula” (think friendly and helpful rather than the annoying Clippy of Microsoft Word infamy).

The Hollywood formula was created to tell meaningful stories. Think about how Disney characters create meaningful relationships with their viewers and apply this to chatbots. Chatbots with personality are becoming the new UX, and in-product support chatbots are growing in popularity among users and companies alike. For example, if you sell bicycle parts, people who are new to cycling will appreciate a chatbot giving them advice on the best gear to buy for their new adventure. And, loyal customers will enjoy being able to have queries answered quickly and efficiently by a friendly chatbot.

Serve them with a search bar

Being able to search for products or services on a company website is important to almost every consumer that visits your site. It’s even more important to the business behind that website since people who use the search bar on your website are more likely to purchase those who simply browse your product pages.

This calls for semantic search, powered by AI. The semantic search might sound like a tricky concept to grasp but, simply put, it’s the improvement of search accuracy by using machine learning to develop an understanding of user intent and context. A clear example of this is Siri, who can predict your search query by analyzing previous searches on websites and in the Google search bar.

The advantages of artificial intelligence are endless

If you are interested in improving your UX, investing in AI is the best option. As any business owner or CEO knows, you need to stay ahead of the curve, which means that improving your website should be at the top of your priority list. You can use AI to give expert advice to your clients as they browse your site and to provide personalized recommendations with a chatbot tailored to your company. If you know that your UX needs an update, read our article on the unexpected advantages of artificial intelligence for both customer services and improving company workflow.

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