Unexpected ways AI can improve your customer service strategy AND the way you work

How AI can improve customer service strategy and workflow

Gone are the days where being served by a robot only happened in the movies. From flipping burger patties to assisting with ecommerce packing orders and streamlining talent management in large organizations, artificial intelligence (AI) has already transformed the way many industries operate and are now a vital part of your customer service strategy.

Until now, most AI technologies have only taken on automated commands, but the more information humans feed their virtual assistants, the better they’ll be able to communicate with people, in any language. Even in fields such as law and finance. Despite the unnecessary fear of robots taking over people's jobs and the world coming to an end, business owners can take advantage of this technology and educate their employees and customers on the importance of these tools for improved productivity.

If you want to keep up with future trends and keep your customers happy, you’ll need to leverage these opportunities to improve your customer service strategy and help your employees work smarter.

Here are a few unexpected ways in which AI can help your customer service strategy and, ultimately, your bottom line:

Adding voice communications to the mix

Voice AI is a newly established service that businesses can use internally to communicate with their employees as well as externally to communicate with their customers. Companies which have regular conference calls will be able to utilize these services to provide a real-time transcription of their calls. During these calls, voice assistants will be able to make actionable notes on important points, allowing you to walk out of the meeting and immediately be able to get started on an urgent task without having to review meeting notes. This is especially beneficial for people with short attention spans who struggle to listen for long periods of time. When communicating with clients, you’ll be able to offer a more streamlined customer experience by simply programming your company’s voice AI program to respond verbally to people. Much like the many benefits that messaging chatbots provide, voice steps things up a notch for individuals who prefer not to sit and type messages. This will help to boost productivity in the office, reduce unnecessary phone costs and minimize customer and employee service stress.

Improved human resources (HR) procedures

HR professionals no longer have to sit and sieve through resumes and use specific keywords to flag top talent according to their requirements. Now, AI solutions can do that for you. Of course, this doesn’t give many individuals who don’t fit the criteria much chance for employers to take a leap of faith on them, but for large corporations which are looking for a specific type of skill, this is the easiest and most efficient way to find the talent you need in a matter of minutes. Immediate responses to those individuals who do not make the cut can also be automated. People no longer have to sit and wait for weeks to hear back.

Simplifying the creative process

Utilizing big data to assist in your creative process will help you to determine the type of design and visual creativity that’ll make your business money. Looking at current and past performing visuals according to data will give creatives insight into ways to provide customers with better experiences. Internally, programs for web developers and designers will become more streamlined, allowing individuals to insert their information and click a button to create something according to the commands it has been given.

This, of course, means that over time, design will no longer be such a specialized creative field. More non-designers will also learn how to develop their creativity and social intelligence skills from programs to help add value to their careers. The more access employees have to artificially intelligent tools that can assist them, the more departments people will be able to cover in their daily tasks. But for now, AI continues to offer designers insightful data and assistance when designing according to the behavior of their customers.

Internal training becomes more efficient

In jobs that are more mundane, business owners can look at machine learning to help employees learn how to operate a particular machine or software more effectively. Taking the time to watch a video on how to operate a program or machine will not take away time from management for in-house training. If you take the initiative, no matter the program or purpose, to encourage employees to learn online, it’ll significantly save time in the office as well as satisfy employees’ need for constant learning.

Improved sales and customer experience

In ecommerce, your customer service strategy should be at the heart of your company. Making use of AI and big data, you’ll be able to analyze the market according to pricing science and other relevant data that could make a difference in your business’ service offering. By using this essential information, you’ll be able to enhance your product offerings, increase customer loyalty, and identify new sales opportunities. If you decide to use a chatbot that works across various customer service channels, it can truly benefit your customers’ experience because customers value a quick response time and accurate pricing.

Automation is the way of the future for any customer service strategy

The latest digital technologies are daunting. Firstly, they’re expensive to operate and they take time to get used to but if you just start by accepting these tools for what they are and how much value they can add to your business, you’ll be able to look beyond the negative and make a change for the better. New skills will need to be learned and new processes will need to be adapted to, but jobs won’t disappear overnight. As value-adding as these tools are, they don’t have a human brain… yet. If you can prepare and educate your employees about the automation benefits, you’ll create a culture of productivity and efficiency.

If you want to add value to your customers, take a look at the benefits of live chat for your business. By utilizing AI tools such as Clickatell Touch to improve your customer service strategy, you’ll be able to keep your customers and employees happy, as well as reap the financial benefits for your business.

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