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How SMS solutions help the customer-brand conversation

Customer conversation & SMS

Satisfying the customer is perhaps the most important aspect of any business. It’s important for sales and customer retention, but many companies struggle with the reality of it. In short, it’s about conversations. And conversations are always a two-way street. Let’s examine the effects 2-way SMS solutions can have on a business’ communication channels and learn how brands can help facilitate this conversation.

Studies have found that 84% of customers say that their expectations had not been met in their last customer service interaction with a brand. Following this, 39% will avoid a brand for a prolonged period of time after a bad experience. And as much as 58% will never use the company again.

The overwhelming message from this data is that proper communication is vital in keeping customers happy. But brands need to be realistic: Eliminating customer dissatisfaction is a pipe dream. What is possible, is increasing the speed and efficiency with which your brand responds to customer issues. So how does a brand go about doing this?

Don’t underestimate the power of SMS solutions

SMS is available to almost everyone. It can be implemented with even the most basic of phones and therefore offers a level of reach most other channels cannot. It’s relatively low key in terms of intrusion but offers plenty of value to the customer. Some folks who until now have not really understood the power of text messaging have often scorned SMS as a ‘low tech’, unsophisticated medium of communication. Yet personalized, context-sensitive content that’s tailored to individual customer preferences is a massive boost towards building customer satisfaction.

Make 2-way communication a priority

Brands now realize the necessity of a rapid-response time towards customer communication and have to prioritize responding. By simplifying the process in which customers can connect with a brand or brand representative, a business and quickly address any issues or provide near-instant feedback. SMS is the perfect fit. It balances intimacy with distance in a way that cannot be achieved with, say, a real-time telephone call with a live agent.

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Leverage the functionality

One of the strongest draw cards for 2-way SMS solutions is directness. It allows the brand to create engaging marketing campaigns that can be sent, monitored and replied to all via one platform. The channel offers no delays or interruptions. Most people will read an SMS within three minutes of having received it. And any replies received will offer an opportunity for instant response. Clickatell Platform allows you to automate any inbound content by setting up auto-responses or using triggers to send dynamic responses based on customer keywords. All of these valuable features of SMS solutions can take place in real time and will make the customer experience a smoother and more engaging one.


We’re also just beginning to make the most of 2-way SMS solutions as an omnichannel customer experience tool. Using technologies such as Clickatell Platform can go a long way toward streamlining communications and strengthening the bonds between customer and brand. Sign up for a free Clickatell Platform account today and start taking advantage of unlimited free testing in our Sandbox environment.

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