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SendaScript: Skipping the queues with SMS notifications

SMS notifications in pharmacy

Getting a subscription filled for medication can be an arduous task for customers, who need to search for an open pharmacy and wait in long queues at the dispensary. Scentia developed SendaScript, a mobile ordering and retailing app that solves this problem by connecting customers to open pharmacies anywhere, anytime through SMS notifications.

Customers can use SendaScript to define whether they want to speak to a pharmacist or simply get their prescription filled. The dispensing process is initiated when a prescription SMS is sent to a subscribing pharmacy. When the order is dispensed and ready to collect, the pharmacy sends an SMS notification to the customer.

The customer will also then be given the opportunity to pay for the order using their mobile device, if they so choose.
SendaScript streamlines the dispensing process and enables pharmacies to increase their reach to new customers, while reducing their communication costs. Customers can receive advice from their pharmacists via SMS notifications, regardless of their personal location or handset, which saves time and prevents the frustration of in-store transactions. Learn how you can improve customer service and keep your customers informed with Clickatell's SMS notifications.

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