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3 Precise ways to send SMS alerts to your customers

How to send SMS alerts to customers

To send SMS alerts and notifications to your customer base, you have to understand how the modern consumer operates across channels and devices. You will need to optimize each bulk SMS that you send to your segmented list of customers. By doing this you will ensure that your customer gets the highest value, while you get the highest returns.

In order to figure out how to send SMS alerts to your customers the right way, here are 3 core ways to make sure that your alerts achieve their end goal.

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1: Breaking news SMS alerts

When you send SMS alerts that are based on some kind of breaking news, make sure that your SMS is worth reading. Always ask the question - why would my customer value this SMS? All texts sent as alerts should be one part message, one part value, and one part action.

An online clothing retailer may use this to their advantage:

  • The message: Buy our winter clothes

  • The value: Weather details in their local area

  • The call to action: Click on the text URL

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Local weather alert: Winter storm heading to Cape Town, a chilly 2 degrees tonight. Wrap up with our ladies fleece jackets, only R199,00 each! Click here now.

2: The emergency situation SMS alerts

If you are going to send SMS alerts based on emergency situations, make sure they are real emergencies. An online retailer that sells security equipment can leverage these alerts by making them incredibly personal and interesting to a local (or segmented international) audience. The smaller the community, the better the response rates.

An online security retailer may use this to their advantage:

  • The message: Emergency alert

  • The value: Community safety

  • The call to action: Find out more


Emergency alert: Our security software was hacked today at 3:43 pm. No personal information has been compromised, we will be back online at 7 pm. Find out more here.

3: Event SMS alerts

To send SMS alerts that your customers will be interested in, focus them on real-world engagement. Events are a great place to meet customers, fans, and make new connections. Get your customers to come down and support you, then leverage the media you collect to enhance your online profile. It all starts with an SMS alert to your customer list.

An online pet food retailer may use this to their advantage:

  • The message: Stop by our stall

  • The value: 15% discount with this code

  • The call to action: Event details here


Dog Food Co-Event: Stop by our stall at Doggy Expo this Friday and get 15% off any online purchase with the secret expo code. Get event details here.

With these 3 precise ways to make sure that your customers receive texts that will have the highest impact on your relationship, you will benefit from repeat business and happier customers overall. When you send SMS alerts that are geared to provide your customers with lasting value, you'll experience a measurable improvement in your CRM tactics.

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