Customer Relationship Management

Customer loyalty management: How to keep your customers happy

Better Customer Loyalty Management

Do you know what annoys your customers? Do you know what makes them happy? Answering these two questions and staying closer to the latter than the former is key to customer loyalty management.

You obviously don’t want to annoy your customers. But if you’re clueless about what might be annoying them, you might be doing just that without even realizing it. So, if you’re keen to ensure your customer experience journey is on point, here are some tips of what not to do.

Constant marketing messaging

This could include emails or phone calls and every form of remarketing and social media targeting. Your customers don’t want to hear from you daily or, depending on your industry, even weekly. You need to check and test to find the marketing schedule that works for both you and your customers.

Website maze

There’s not much that’s going to annoy a customer more than getting lost in a website. If your customers land on your website and it isn’t immediately clear what your business does, what products or services it offers, and how they can get what they want, they’re never going to buy from you. Their customer experience journey should be akin to taking a pleasant stroll along a beloved beach. Not like being lost in an unfamiliar city at midnight.

Checkout chaos is a huge problem for customer loyalty management

We’ve all been there. We want to buy something from a particular website, but the checkout process is so long, time-consuming, and confusing that we never quite get to input our credit card details. Don’t be that website. Don’t allow your company to ask customers to fill in a 12-page form, write a 500-word essay and donate a kidney before they’re able to purchase. Customers are not going to be okay with that. They’ll leave your site mid-way through the essay and before a scalpel has come anywhere near them.

Okay, that’s a slight over-exaggeration. But some websites aren’t far off. And customers will visit a competitor’s website instead. You know the one. It has a beautiful, clean and simple design. It’s clear what its offerings are. And the site allows customers to purchase after submitting just a few, basic details. That’s how to do customer loyalty management right.

Communication failures

One of the most effective ways to annoy your customers is to ignore them. Don’t ever ignore your customers. If you want to ensure that your customer loyalty management is on par, it’s imperative that you respond to every customer phone call, email, and social media mention. A simple grievance can quickly snowball into so much more when a customer feels ignored.

Automation done the wrong way

We’re all about automation. You could say we’re its biggest fan. We love it so much that we created Touch, for live customer support. That’s the way to do automation correctly. And there’s a way to do it that annoys your customers. Don’t be that business. Automation done wrong includes when clients get lost in an endless cycle of clicking buttons and choosing options without being able to find their ideal choice. It’s also annoying when there’s seemingly no option for speaking to an actual contact center human being. And, sometimes, that’s all that people want.

Yes, it might slow down your contact center to have customers wanting and waiting to speak to an agent. But you’ll be able to answer your customers’ questions more effectively, improving their customer experience journey, and gaining a loyal customer in the process.

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