Customer Relationship Management

Why chatbots matter in Customer Relations Management

AI-enabled chatbots

If you’ve paid any attention to tech news in recent years, then you’ll be convinced that chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence, are about to change society as we know it. Digital evangelists hold up doomsday signs that point to online purchases, personalized chats with your favorite sports team, and even friendships with ‘fake’ friends as the proverbial end of days.

The reality is that most chatbots are severely limited. When we evaluate new technologies in customer services, we look at what value they add, and any efficiency they bring. As it stands, automated services trump physically calling in and ordering said services – Uber is the perfect example.

However, customer relationship management is uniquely positioned to benefit from AI technology and is perhaps the saving grace of the chatbot, particularly in the mobile sector.

To know CRM is to hate CRM

For a lot of people, customer relationship management (CRM) elicits anger and misery. While the industry is wrought with failings, chatbots and AI might stand as a beacon of hope. The right chatbot solution will give companies unprecedented reach to markets and allow them to build completely personalized interactions. The idea is that one day, customers won’t be able to tell the difference between human and automated services.

Robots beat humans, just this once

Technology is the savior of overloaded call centers, bettering efficiency and impacting on customer service. Human capabilities can only really give attention to one call or online interaction at a time, bottlenecking the customer-business communication channel and reinforcing misconceptions about CRM. Chatbots can revolutionize and streamline this process, opening up these channels and building better relationships with customers.

As new technologies have been introduced into the market, so communication behavior has changed. The likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have radically changed how people interact with each other. It’s a short format, immediate, and always on. The customer has become digitally enabled.

New tech opening new doors

The appeal of chatbots for businesses is opening all-new channels of communication to further streamline customer service and business processes. It allows brands to be where customers are. Technologies such as chatbots and AI-enabled communications mean that always-on customer service is now a reality. As the digitalization of the marketplace continues to develop, so these technologies will become more and more prominent.

We live in a ‘mobile always’ world, where consumers want to press a button to get what they want. The time has come to open the modern lines of automated communication between your business and its customers. Invest in the happiness and satisfaction of your customers with Clickatell Touch, and watch the chain reaction of success unfold. Watch this video to see Clickatell Touch in action.

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