Chat Banking

Delivering on the Promise of a Superior Digital Customer Experience in Banking

A digital customer experience in banking is the future.

Thanks to the excess of new technologies that have remarkably changed the world of finance, consumers are now empowered with the ability to pay bills, make purchases, check balances, and manage transactions all on their mobile phones and within a matter of seconds; enhancing the customer experience by serving their needs for instant satisfaction, convenience, and effortless support.

The more services are digitized, the more consumers seek better, quicker, and more personalized banking experiences. Banks across the world are now facing the tough challenge of meeting these consumer demands.

Competition is tight, with many banks trying to innovate to advance consumer interactions and to keep their customers happy and loyal to their brand.

So, what’s next for banks in this digital era? The new digital shift, chat banking, offers banks all over the world a chance to become part of the global digital movement.

What is chat banking?

Chat banking refers to the ability of consumers to essentially perform bank services via current leading messaging apps, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

For example, a bank customer can ask for their balance by simply texting “what’s my balance” on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. A response to that query returns in a matter of seconds, giving them exactly the answer they seek.

Why do consumers prefer this type of banking? There are no queues; no one puts them on hold for hours on end, it’s personalized, fast, easy to use, convenient, and they don’t need to leave their favorite chat app.

Chat banking evolves static messages into powerful, interactive two-way engagement and self-service experiences.

Building customer loyalty through a great customer experience

Market-leading, high growth brands in banking are using chat to improve and personalize the customer experience for better satisfaction, and retention.

AI integration in chat banking solutions ensures that banks can deliver products and services tailored to each individual, making the experience more personal, targeted, relevant, frictionless, and timesaving. Chat banking allows self-service, which research shows consumers prefer over dealing with people from customer service departments. It’s a seamless, affordable, reliable, and secure banking experience that offers consumers convenience.

Digital transformation: adapt or lose

Today’s consumers, particularly younger consumers, are mobile-first. Many are mobile-always and want frictionless interactions. And in terms of superior customer experience, chat banking has a lot to offer them, particularly simple, easy-to-use, personalized, reliable, and secure ways of banking.

If you want your business to become part of the digital future now, you can look into our chat banking solution, which allows you to offer your customers banking and payment services at the tip of their fingers. The chat banking solution will connect you with your customers on their favorite messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You’ll become a contact along with family and friends in your customers’ mobile address book. That’s chat banking!

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