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There are certain regulations in place regarding from addresses (Sender IDs) when sending SMS messages in Vietnam. The carrier Viettel requires pre-registration, and further regulations can be seen in the table below or online at the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority.

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Restriction Description
DND exists No
Time restrictions No
International vs local split No
Local traffic N/A
International traffic N/A
General content restrictions
  • Adult, gambling, sportsbooks, charitable services, and voting content are not allowed.
  • Content must be whitelisted for optimal delivery.
Content registration required No
Opt-out instructions required No

Sender ID regulations

Sender ID pre-registration is required as operators filter heavily. 

  • Sender ID must be the company name, otherwise, proof of trademark ownership of the brand name is required.
  • Avoid sender ID with generic wording, e.g., WEB2SMS.
  • Telco regulation - we support OTP and transactional messages only.
  • Brand name must be included in message content and must match the sender ID.
  • URL for the OTP authentication must be included in the message content. Example: [Clickatell] Your OTP code for is 32109.
Sender ID documentation required


The person who signs the authorization letter must be the person named in the business license. Otherwise, there must be an authorization letter from the person named in the business license to the person who signs the authorization letter.

Country supports MNP Yes

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