United Kingdom SMS Pricing

Benefit from Clickatell’s cost-effective, high quality, direct SMS messaging routes in the United Kingdom to help you optimise your SMS marketing campaigns, CRM messages, and time-critical alerts and notifications. Bulk SMS messaging in the UK has never been more simple to implement.

As a global leader in mobile messaging, Clickatell have one-way (1-way) and two-way (2-way) messaging available via long numbers and random short codes to enable your business to connect, interact, and transact with your customers wherever they are.

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What two-way options are available?

Number of SMS messagesStandard*Priority*Two-Way*
0 - 9 999ClickatellClickatellClickatell
10 000 - 49 999ClickatellClickatellClickatell
50 000 - 99 999ClickatellClickatellClickatell
100 000 - 249 999ClickatellClickatellClickatell
250 000 - 499 999ClickatellClickatellClickatell
500 000 - 999 999ClickatellClickatellClickatell
1 000 000+Contact SalesContact SalesN/A

*Price per SMS

We’ve negotiated the lowest possible pricing using the best quality routes available for you.

We also make use of a tiered pricing structure which means that the more you send, the less you’ll pay. Tier 1 pricing, for example, is set for up to 9, 999 messages. Sending over 10, 000 messages will move you into Tier 2 and each message you send over 10, 000 will be at the lower price. As you continue to send more and more messages, so the pricing for each tier drops - all the way up to Tier 6 where the cost per SMS is the lowest.

If you send more than 100, 000 messages per month, contact our Enterprise Sales Team for a specialised quotation and VIP plan.


Networks supported for United Kingdom:


Cable & Wireless


Fixed Line UK


Hutchison 3G

Jersey Telecom

Lycamobile UK

Lleida UK Ltd

Marthon Telecom

Mundio Mobile


Software Cellular



Virgin Mobile



Terms & conditions:

  • These prices are estimates only, don't include VAT or other taxes. Actual prices are determined at the time you use the service e.g. send a message).

  • We will bill you in either USD, EUR, INR, GBP or ZAR (depending on where you are). For your convenience you can choose to see this estimate in a different currency.

  • Please read our Payment terms for more information on how billing works.