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Benefit from Clickatell’s cost-effective, high quality, direct SMS messaging routes in the United Kingdom to help you optimise your SMS marketing campaigns, CRM messages, and time-critical alerts and notifications. Bulk SMS messaging in the UK has never been more simple to implement.

As a global leader in mobile messaging, Clickatell have one-way (1-way) and two-way (2-way) messaging available via long numbers and random short codes to enable your business to connect, interact, and transact with your customers wherever they are.

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SMS pricing plan

Number of SMS messages Standard
(Price per SMS)
Time Critical
(Price per SMS)
(Price per SMS)

Delivery performance

Average delivery success

Average delivery time

We’ve negotiated the lowest possible pricing using the best quality routes available for you.

We also make use of a tiered pricing structure which means that the more you send, the less you’ll pay. Tier 1 pricing, for example, is set for up to 9, 999 messages. Sending over 10, 000 messages will move you into Tier 2 and each message you send over 10, 000 will be at the lower price. As you continue to send more and more messages, so the pricing for each tier drops - all the way up to Tier 6 where the cost per SMS is the lowest.

If you send more than 100, 000 messages per month, contact our Enterprise Sales Team for a specialised quotation and VIP plan.


Networks supported for United Kingdom:


Cable & Wireless


Fixed Line UK


Hutchison 3G

Jersey Telecom

Lycamobile UK

Lleida UK Ltd

Marthon Telecom

Mundio Mobile


Software Cellular



Virgin Mobile


Terms & conditions:

  • These prices are estimates only, don't include VAT or other taxes. Actual prices are determined at the time you use the service e.g. send a message).
  • We will bill you in either USD, EUR, INR, GBP or ZAR (depending on where you are). For your convenience you can choose to see this estimate in a different currency.
  • Please read our Payment terms for more information on how billing works.

SMS Platform

Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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