Singapore SMS Special Pricing

If you’re looking to connect with your customers at scale without incurring massive costs, then Clickatell has the solution. We’re able to offer you high-quality, cost-effective routes through our SMS Platform. This enables you to use bulk SMS messaging from Singapore to anywhere in the world.

We’ve also introduced a special pricing promotion that lets our Singapore clients interact and engage with over 85% of the world’s population through the SMS gateway. This connectivity is achieved by leveraging more than 1 000 mobile network service providers across the globe. 

We facilitate the use of local long numbers so you can send and receive bulk SMS messages for a range of business-enhancing functions. Some examples of these include:

  • Sending time-critical alerts to customers 

  • Disseminating marketing campaigns 

  • Sending out customer relationship management (CRM) notifications 

  • Sharing competition details

  • Generating valuable business leads

Discover many more benefits of SMS for your business and sign up with Clickatell today to enjoy unlimited free testing in our sandbox environment.

What two-way SMS options are available?

Number of SMS messagesStandard*Priority*Two-Way*
0 - 9,999
10,000 - 49,999
50,000 - 99,999
100,000 - 249,999
250,000 - 499,999
500,000 - 999,999
1,000,000+Contact SalesContact SalesN/A

* Price per SMS

To get the best deal for you and your business, we’ve negotiated the lowest possible pricing using the best quality routes in Singapore. Through our tiered pricing structure, we’re able to provide you with further discounts the more SMS messages you send. Starting with Tier 1 for up to 9 999 messages through to Tier 6 with just under a million messages, all your bulk SMS requirements are met. 

As an added bonus, if you send more than 250 000 messages per month, you qualify for our VIP plan which means a customized quotation. Contact our Enterprise Sales Team for more information.

Networks supported for Singapore

  • GRID

  • M1

  • SingTel

  • StarHub 

Terms & conditions

  • These prices are estimates only, and don't include VAT or other taxes. Actual prices are determined at the time you use the service, e.g., send a message.

  • The message prices shown above are the average prices per country and are indicative. The actual price you’ll pay is the price per operator, not the average message price per country as displayed. 

  • We will bill you in either USD, EUR, INR, GBP, or ZAR (depending on where you are). For your convenience you can choose to see this estimate in a different currency.

  • Please read our Payment Terms for more information on how billing works.

Please note that there are regulations that apply to SMS Messaging in Singapore. These can be viewed here