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How do I sign up for Clickatell Marketplace?

To sign up for Marketplace, contact our Sales team who will get back to you with a proposal. Once the proposal has been signed off:

  • Your assigned Technical Account Manager will assist you in completing an onboarding form.  

  • Clickatell provides you with API documentation and UAT credentials to enable to you start the integration to Clickatell’s Marketplace Distribution APIs. 

  • On completion of the integration by your team, UAT is carried out between both parties.  

  • Once the UAT document is signed off, Clickatell provides you with credentials to use for deployment to production. We advise that a period is set aside for pilot testing before you deploy this to your entire customer base. 

How long is the onboarding process

How long the onboarding process takes is greatly dependent on you as it is dependent on your speed in integrating to the provided Marketplace Distribution APIs. A typical onboarding process takes between 2-3 months to start distributing the products.

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Contact support

Contact support

Contact our support team and one of our agents will be in touch with you to answer any questions you have.

Contact support

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