Campaign Manager: How do I upload my contact list?

You can add and import your contacts list via a CSV file upload.

Contacts need to be assigned to a specific group when uploaded, so make sure that you know which group this list needs to be added to, or create a new group first, before uploading your list.

If you already have a list of permission-based contacts and you’d like to upload them in bulk, you can do this using the bulk import feature. Navigate to Contacts >Import Contacts and click on the ‘Choose File’ button to upload your contact list. Select the file you want to upload and select ‘Open’. Your files need to be in CSV format (the file should be saved in comma separated format) with the name of your customer in the first column, and their phone number in the second. You can also add their birthdate and email address as third and fourth columns. Include a header row to ensure that your first contact is not seen as a header.

Note that there should be no spaces, dashes, or parentheses in the phone numbers and that country codes are included in the number, as per the below examples. The leading zeros are not required.

US Example: 12025248725
UK Example: 447481340516

The birth date should be in the following format:  YYYY-MM-DD

If the file you’re importing does not contain customer names, and only numbers, leave the first column in your CSV file empty and ensure that your numbers are in the second. It is, however, recommended that you upload your list containing the names of your customers from the beginning. This will allow you to easily personalize your messages which will result in better customer engagement.

Next, select the required group name from the ‘Group Name’ list. This will import all contacts in the CSV file into this group. Choose the header names that you want to import and click on ‘Next’. Your contacts list will then be uploaded and displayed on the ‘Contacts’ page.

You should only use the bulk import feature if the contacts on your list have already given their permission for you to send them marketing messages. Never use purchased or third-party lists.

Please ensure that you read our terms and conditions and that you comply with the regulations and best practices for the country where you are sending messages to.

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