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Send SMS messages to alert mobile users on various triggers or execute actions based on receiving an SMS in your two-way account.

How it works

Our SMS Platform plays nicely with other applications. Below is a collection of third-party software vendors that have existing integrations with the Clickatell SMS APIs. We link to relevant instructions on their websites making it easy to plug SMS into your existing software. In order to integrate SMS into any of the below software, you will need an existing account with the third party software and a Clickatell SMS Platform account.

Software vendors that support Clickatell SMS

Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Send personalized SMS notifications to customers when their order status changes or one-time passwords to confirm mobile numbers, plus receive SMS updates when customers place orders.

How to enable SMS for Woocommerce

Appointment Booking Pro is an appointment booking component for Joomla. Integrate your Clickatell with Appointment Booking Pro to send appointment reminders via SMS to your customers.

How to enable SMS for ABPro

QNAP is a quality network appliance provider. Setup QNAP NAS to send SMS alerts to designated users about system errors or warnings.

How to enable SMS for QNAP

Paessler is network monitoring system. Send system alerts via SMS to alert you instantly of problems on your IT infrastructure, before your users notify you.

How to enable SMS for Paessler

Synology is network-attached storage for business Enable Synology NAS to send you SMS notifications when the status changes or errors occur on the system, such as connection loss, fan behavior change, power failure, storage volume running out of space, or restoration failure.

How to enable SMS for Synology

Netcrunch is an network monitoring tool that keeps track of performance parameters and service statuses of devices via an interactive dashboard. SMS provides a cost-effective solution for alerting administrators of network outages and system events.

How to enable SMS for Netcrunch

Opencart is a free open-source ecommerce platform that provides you with everything you need to create and run your online business. For a small fee, a nifty Clickatell SMS API integration is available which enables order status SMS notifications to automatically be sent from the Opencart store.

How to enable SMS for Opencart

Integrate Clickatell SMS with 1000+ apps using Zapier – a workflow automation tool that allows you to build integrations with your favorite apps, without writing a single line of code. Popular apps include Google sheets, Woocommerce, Facebook, Gmail, and Dropbox.

How to enable SMS for Zapier

APIANT allows you to connect Clickatell SMS to thousands of apps, enabling you to automate workflows with ease. The APIANT platform empowers both developers and non-developers to create integrations visually and quickly.

How to enable SMS for APIANT

If your application supports a Clickatell integration or if you would like to partner with us, contact us to get your company listed.


Clickatell Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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