Launched in 2014, UCOOK is an online startup giving customers who love food but don’t have the time to search for recipes and run to the shops, an opportunity to cook and enjoy gourmet meals.

Each week, nine nutritious meals are crafted by a team of top South African chefs and then posted on the UCOOK website. Customers choose their meals weekly and dinner kit delivery service UCOOK delivers the recipes, along with all the pre-portioned local, organic ingredients – everything you need to cook a mouth-watering meal, to your door. No need for extensive grocery shopping – UCOOK makes nutritious meals accessible, easy, and stress free. Whether you’re a health conscious foodie looking to improve your culinary skills or just plain strapped for time, UCOOK will have you easily cooking up a storm thrice weekly.

Customer communication made easy with SMS

UCOOK uses SMS to help bring stress free cooking to your doorMulti-channel communication with customers is paramount to UCOOK’s success. “Keeping our customers informed about weekly order information is of the utmost importance and this becomes increasingly difficult via email alone,” says UCOOK co-founder David Torr.

UCOOK’s foodie customers receive reminders to place orders for their weekly meals, as well as delivery reminders, via SMS. “SMS allows us to non-invasively distribute functional prompts and receive real-time reactions from our customer base,” Torr continued.

Transactional and time-sensitive messages, when there are last minute changes or deviations in terms of offering or delivery, for example, are also all sent via SMS. Torr says that due to the exceptionally high-open rates, SMS has proven to be “an instrumental method of communication”.

Why choose Clickatell?

“Clickatell offers an incredibly cost-effective solution, with great service support. This is what we really care about when making a decision,” says Torr. “The API integration was smooth and great prices and an intuitive UI make for good service delivery”.

"SMS allows us to non-invasively distribute functional prompts and receive real-time reactions from our customer base."

UCOOK co-founder David Torr

SMS Platform

Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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