What's happening with wearable technology?

Wearable tech

No one could’ve predicted that the phone would move from occupying an entire room to fitting into your pocket. Yet, in 2017, when people think of phones, this is precisely the image that comes to mind. Technology trends and progress happen faster than most people realize. The latest trend is wearable technology, where incredible devices are, in some way, being attached to people’s bodies. But is this just a fad and mere hype?

Let’s examine what the future holds.

What is wearable technology?

As the name suggests, wearable technology describes devices that are designed to exist attached outside your body. An ordinary watch, by this definition, is wearable technology. But, of course, when discussing wearable technology today, people mean more advanced technology. The discussions are about watches that not only tell time but also use a variety of apps and can connect to the internet.

It isn't just watches that have become smart and sophisticated. Today, tech writers are interested in products like Google Glass or the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

In a charming article for Time Magazine, the writers note: “The role technology plays in our lives is rapidly growing, as we become increasingly dependent on it and less willing to separate ourselves from it.”

One measure of technology’s progress is an increase in speed alongside a decrease in size: think about the modern computer compared to the first generation of computers. The Time Magazine article points out: “If we can be sure of anything, it’s that the future means we’ll be wearing our technology on the outside, and, perhaps one day, on the inside, too.”

This is the future of all technology trends and it’s why businesses must be paying attention.

Is it just a fad?

While wearables are an obvious sign of tech progress, there are reasons to be cautious. Motorola recently announced there was simply not enough interest in its smartwatch. Other major brands like LG and Huawei also put out similar statements.

However, what you should note is that this was done off the back of the upcoming release of Samsung and Apple launches. Thus, it’s not done because of a decrease of interest in wearable technology, so much as interest in particular devices. Apple as a company tends to dominate markets it steps into, such as with the MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets. When they did this, it didn’t lead to the end of those products, only other companies taking a long time to catch up.

This gives businesses ample opportunity to prepare for these new pieces of tech. Consumers will be using them and what better way to be ahead of the game than to have your services and products lined up to take advantage of these devices. That’s why, as we pointed out before, you should be aware of who is buying wearable tech. Start preparing now, because this is no fad. This is the future.

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