How a smart home system can make your life better

From switching on lights, tracking your bathroom visits, and changing the time on your alarm, your house is about to really get to know you. We’ll explain how smart home systems are becoming more personal and how they can impact your life for the better.

There’s a future where your home learns your behavior and habits. It’ll know what time you wake up in the morning and start brewing the coffee for your, it’ll know when you arrive home each evening and start cooking your dinner, it’ll know what food you like to keep in your fridge and order more before you run out. It’ll even know that you need to go to the toilet every night at 3 am and switch on the lights for you so you’re not stumbling around in the dark.

No more sitting in traffic

Imagine there’s a been massive accident on your route home in the early morning. Your alarm clock would become aware of this and wake you up earlier than usual to ensure you can leave your smart home with enough time to get you to the office. All of that planning before you’ve even opened your eyes.

Light up your life

Lighting, thermostats and window shades can all be programmed by your smart home system. It’ll know what time you wake up and expect you to arrive home at specific times every evening. It’ll switch on the lights, regulate your thermostat to your preferred temperature, and open or close your shades at the required times.

Presence sensing technology

This is the technology that senses when you or your dog are in a particular space. This is how the lights are turned on when you go for a nightly midnight snack and why there’s always food in Fido’s bowl at supper time.

Saving money, not just time

An example of how your smart home system can save you money and time is when you step into the shower. No more wasting water and energy as you struggle to reach your desired temperature and pressure. The shower will automatically know how hot you like your water and what pressure you prefer. This ensures you save both water, energy, and time to reach your desired settings.

Smarter security

Lighting, sound, and video can make it seem like someone is home. And smart home security surveillance can make it possible for you to see all angles of your home when you’re not around. Just acting like someone is home can be hugely off-putting to potential threats. With these smart home security systems, it’s possible to place a few devices around your home and get real-time feedback on breaches via your mobile phone. And because the system alerts you as soon as there’s a breach, it’s more likely the intruder will be caught.

The ultimate in your smart home really knowing you

Smart devices are coming to your toilet. That’s right, when you have to go, your toilet is learning all about you. Intelligent sensors that are connected to the internet are going to be situated in your toilet bowl. Your new smart toilet will be able to analyze your urine or feces and determine whether you’re healthy or not. It might determine you have a virus or bacterial infection and send you a text message suggesting you pick up some medication at the pharmacy. Or it might pick up something even more ominous, check your and your doctor’s schedule, and suggest an appointment time which suits you both. You might even find out that the stork is visiting your household. That’ll be great news if you’re planning on expanding your family. Not so great news if you share a toilet with your 15-year-old daughter.
If the promise of a smart fridge or toilet is something which interests you, check out our recent article about the pros and cons of smart homes. It details why the convenience, customization, and ease of living in a smart home can outweigh the cost and connectivity issues of these internet connected homes.

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