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New mobile technologies & business

No one enjoys the experience of their mobile phone running out of battery power. Unfortunately, it’s not a question of if, but when, your phone will die. This is why people often own more than one charger and tend to leave these at locations they frequent the most, such as home and work. But what if mobility itself could power a phone? That is precisely the mobile technology of the near future and this might change what it means to be a mobile phone user.

Walk and talk

Researchers at Michigan State University have “created a new way to harvest energy from human motion, using a film-like device that actually can be folded to create more power.” Not only is it low cost to the consumer, but the variety of devices they’ve managed to activate includes a touch screen and LED lights – all completely without a battery. Experts in the field have speculated that, with advances in this area, people might not need to charge their phones for an entire week. By simply moving with the phone, the device can power the phone.

This device, called a nanogenerator, itself has long been a focus for scientists. But incorporating it into mobile technology shows exactly where the latest tech trends are headed: toward a future where even batteries and power are no longer obstacles to consumer use. This is essential for businesses to know if they want to stay ahead of the game.

The role of AI in mobile technology

This is why major phone makers have prioritized artificial intelligence (AI) when considering mobile technology. Google and Apple both have growing, powerful assistants that can almost hold entire conversations with users, obtaining necessary data, plotting meetings and events, solving questions, and a range of issues. All without the user ever touching the keyboard. AI is one of the latest technology trends that are not only living up to expectations but often exceeding them.

This is why HTC’s latest phones boast an AI that learns the user’s behavior, tailoring a unique experience for every user. As one article notes, “The phones are able to understand which apps and contacts are most regularly used and make any notifications received from or relating to them a priority.”

But the future isn’t just showing itself with the everyday use of AI. Virtual reality is increasingly becoming commonplace, too. As we noted before, industry giants like Intel, are taking VR very seriously. Many are seeing reasons to incorporate VR with mobile phones, as you can see with the Samsung Gear headsets. With all this in mind, it’s essential for any business owner to really think about what will influence mobile phone users in the near future. And what this means for their business.

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