Clickatell hackathon winners - Databook by Trinity - 3rd place

Clickatell hackathon winners

We're back with the next installment of our Clickatell Hackathon winners rundown. This week we take a look at 3rd place winners, team Trinity. In a bid to simplify and truly mobilize data management, they created a brilliantly elegant solution that they dubbed Databook.

What is Databook?

Databook is an API, designed to make detailed management of an address book, and sending messages to those contacts, as simple as possible. The team managed to get the core functionality working in just 24 hours for the Hackathon, but Databook was designed to be easy to augment with additional functionality, including social media connectivity.

What can it do?     

The most exciting feature of Databook is the management of your contacts from anywhere, at any time. Via a simple API connection, you can add new contacts, edit existing contacts or delete them. Databook contacts are stored in the cloud, so space is never a concern. Team Trinity recognized the problem that many small operations face, with contacts spread out over various platforms. Databook offers you a solution to this problem by allowing you to effortlessly sync all your contacts to a cloud-based database, that can be exported anywhere. It's quick and easy address book consolidation.

Want to message a group of contacts that meet certain criteria?

The Databook API allows you to perform advanced searches of your stored data. The team even demoed the ability to search contacts by birth month! Security is an obvious concern for such a system, so Trinity used a token-based system to keep the bad guys out. When a user logs into Databook, they receive an authorization token which is required to start their session. Check out team Trinity's code for Databook on Github Next up, we'll be getting under the skin of silver medal winners "Free Loaders", with their incredible app that allows devs to test their project under real-world traffic conditions. Stay tuned! ? * Clickatell has no affiliation with this API and API's created during this Hackathon is not currently supported by Clickatell. 

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