Benefits of chatbots for your business operations

Advantages of chatbots

One of the biggest misconceptions about chatbots is that a robot will communicate with your customers, taking away the human element of brand interaction. Sure, this software communicates with your customers, but only to free up time, money, and energy for other tasks. When you’re able to automate the time-consuming activities and give agents the opportunity to focus on other areas of the business, you’ll quickly see the benefits of chatbots for the efficiency of your business operations.

As far as customer service goes, the future holds plenty of opportunities for human interaction between businesses and customers. While these innovative tools may seem like they’re eliminating the need for a skilled workforce, they’re simply making the data collection and analyzing process easier and more efficient.

So, what exactly is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a program, powered by the rules of artificial intelligence (AI). It is used to create an interface that ‘acts’ as a human and can answer programmable questions according to customers’ needs. You’ll be able to automate generic responses such as shipping details, trading hours, specials, and more. However, the more complex the messages become, the more human engagement is necessary in the initial stages of the conversation. Over time, the more intelligent your chatbot becomes, the easier it’ll be to implement strategies that complement these conversations and solve complex queries with ease.

Since chatbots are created by AI, they’re able to comprehend as many languages and commands as are put into them. For example, your chatbot identity can be differentiated according to the different platforms you use to communicate with your customers, and they are available 24/7. The good thing about their availability is that they’re faster than humans and they give customers an ‘always on’ experience with your brand. Here are some of the benefits of chatbots for your employees and your business as a whole:

Always present on messaging platforms

By incorporating chatbots into your customer service offerings, you’ll be able to keep up with trends and reach customers in real-time. Since customer journeys and behaviors are constantly changing, you’ll be able to access this data and follow them on their journey.

Knowing this, you’ll be able to change your approach according to your customers’ needs. It’s also much easier and quicker to reach customers with chatbots, so they won’t have to wait for hours for human responses. Your customers will get an immediate response, which is just what they want, and your agents will be available when a more conversational interaction is required.

Improved customer service is one of the most prominent benefits of chatbots

Throughout the general purchasing process, chatbots can be programmed to assist where needed. This will make customers feel like they’re communicating with a real person, no matter the time they’re messaging them. Apart from responding with text and voice replies, chatbots are able to direct customers to rich content like product pages, video tutorials, and articles to help them throughout their journey.

As mentioned before, no matter where your customers are situated, at whatever time of day, they’ll be able to enquire about something to do with your business. And, better yet, they’ll get a response. This type of interaction will always give your brand a good reputation, improving your customer satisfaction. The more innovative companies become with their services, the more they can focus on other priorities.

Have a proactive customer interaction

Since customer service agents have become so busy, they don’t necessarily have the manpower and time to initiate conversations with customers. More so, if companies haven’t integrated chatbot software into their channels, customers could be sitting for hours or even days without a response to their query. This type of poor customer service shines a negative light on the company’s name. However, thanks to chatbots and artificial intelligence programs, there is no reason why your business shouldn’t be starting conversations with your customers to see if they’re happy and whether or not they enjoy your services.

Increase customer engagement

When companies communicate effectively with their customers, it makes them feel special. This is especially important when it comes to millennials, as they feel the need to be recognized. While your chatbot will act as your social interface, it’ll also contribute to more consistent, interactive conversations with your customers. And, as mentioned, you can easily program the responses you want to give to your customers and when. These small tweaks will improve sales with your brand and overall customer experience.

Monitor consumer data and gain insights

Analyzing data is a time-consuming exercise. Whether you’re doing it to learn more about your customers or you’re simply interested in understanding their purchasing behavior, data capturing and cleansing is important when it comes to improving your customer service. Using a machine to do this for you will speed up the process and allow you to start strategizing around a new approach. With the feedback generated from the information gathered, you’ll be able to track the responses, predict new ones and suggest business adjustments to improve operations. For example, if your landing page generates traffic without conversions, your chatbot will be able to send out a survey to ask your customers specific questions that can help you to understand why their registrations didn’t turn into purchases. In addition to this, a chatbot can also help you determine the unqualified leads through predetermined KPIs (budget, relevancy, timeline, and resources) and prevent you from having to deal with these time-consuming leads.

Cost savings

One of the greatest things about chatbots is that in the long term, your business will be saving a lot more money by incorporating this software into your platforms than it would be to hire someone with the skills to perform each task as efficiently. Not only will this help you save costs on employee salaries, but your business will have the opportunity to increase sales because of improved customer services.

Start cashing in on the benefits of chatbots for your business

As you can see, the benefits of chatbots for your business are endless. These robotic ‘helpers’ can make life easier for you and your employees as it will free up time to focus on adding a personal approach to specific areas of the business. All basic and repetitive tasks can be done in the blink of an eye because programming a chatbot is easy to implement, maintain, and use. These small adjustments will help you to retain your brand perception, keep existing customers and attract new ones. To learn more about the benefits of chatbots in a modern world, read our recent article containing insights on the topic.

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