3 Benefits of the Internet of Things for start-ups

Internet of things in small business

Smartphone-operated business, anyone? An SMS messaging service that prompts you for an investment, or a single piece of software that controls asset maintenance – this is the business world of tomorrow.

By 2025, the Internet of Things (IoT) will have made a profound impact on every level of our society. It’s a world where everything (almost literally) is interconnected. From the machines, we use to the cities we live in, to our communication, and even our own bodies – all of it will be part of a great system that will moderate, control and optimize via advanced yet simple to use technology.

This helps start-ups in 3 ways:

1.     A seamless supply chain

An IoT-integrated infrastructure will be fully controlled and easily monitored. You’ll be able to follow your supply chain with enormous accuracy and engage with it accordingly should the need arise. From the loading of your newly manufactured goods to their transportation in terms of movement and security, maintenance scheduling and their ultimate sale, in-depth analysis at every touchpoint means you can supervise the process at your own tempo.

In time, this will permeate every aspect of the supply chain, optimizing each process, resulting in faster turnover times, reduced operational costs and a more secure future for business planning and growth.

2.     Streamlined manufacturing

The applications of a “smart” manufacturing process are far-reaching.  Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research company, suggests that the manufacturing sector will benefit the most from the use of the IoT, by as early as 2020.

Easily controlled networks and simplified equipment management are just some of the benefits already being seen. And, with an exponential move away from a simple machine to machine (M2M) IoT capabilities, we could see greater situational management in the manufacturing process. For example, a manufacturing robot that responds to human presence, which in turn creates a safer work environment.

3.     Business innovation

With unparalleled access to information, the IoT will see business owners able to make intelligent decisions on things like pricing, logistics, and sales, based on real-time data. In addition, this will help smooth business to consumer relations, greatly reducing the time needed to make a decision and respond.

It will give the start-up a global perspective, making it easier for them to see across business markets and competition, regardless of location. IoT truly is a global game-changer. It’s not just about efficacy. It’s not just about streamlining the business process and saving money and time. It’s not even about smoother infrastructure from smart cities-it's a fundamental shift in our mentality. As the reach of IoT increases, it will act as an engine for new products and services on a scale that is yet to be seen.

How small businesses can enjoy IoT interconnectivity

IoT may be the business technology of tomorrow but Clickatell is enabling enterprises to start adopting it today via accessible, simple-to-use SMS messaging services.

Even small businesses can benefit from these capabilities without having to invest in expensive or complicated tech: all you need is basic SMS functionality and the tools to integrate it into your existing systems. The IoT is here and if you’re ready to get on board – and you should be – we can help. Getting started is super easy! Sign up for a free Clickatell Platform account today and enjoy unlimited testing in our new sandbox environment. 

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