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The crisis hotline that exists thanks to SMS marketing

SMS crisis hotlines

Crisis counsellors receive text messages from teenagers about anything from bullying, eating disorders, depression to other intimate issues. Counsellors communicate with teenagers using the privacy of text messages and will trigger an active rescue, if needed, while texting.

What is so remarkable about Crisis Text Line is not only the brave work the organization does, but the data they are collecting along the way, creating the first ever map of real time crisis. This data evidence supplies a census on bullying, eating disorders, suicide spikes etc. For the first time there is real data on for instance, when the worst day is for people with eating disorders, or where the highest suicide attempts are. This real time mental-health data can be used to inform policies, journalism, policing, research and even change legislation. 

Watch the CEO and Founder of Crisis Text Line, Nancy Lubin’s fascinating talk on how using technology and data helps saves lives.

Mass SMS messaging is not only a powerful tool to connect with people, especially the youth, but it can bring real value to people in need. If you want to inspire change or reach your customers in new and innovative ways, sign up for an account with Clickatell.

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