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Why social media monitoring is essential

Importance of social media monitoring

Social media is far more than just tweeting, posting photos and updating Facebook. You’ll find it’s increasingly being used by customers to find answers and make complaints. And that’s why it’s important to consistently monitor your social media accounts and provide excellent support to your customers. Here are some examples of what you can do to improve your social media strategies.

Speak in their language

This can be literal and figurative. Literally, speak their language when someone reaches out to you in a language you aren’t fluent in. This doesn't always mean hiring someone who speaks every possible language. It just means making an effort to communicate with your audience in their language. Figuratively, this means using formal or informal language when your clients do. An outstanding example of this is the entertaining interaction between UK retailer Sainsbury's and a customer who couldn’t find fish.

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Interact with other organizations

This is a fun and interesting way to amuse your existing customers and possibly gain some new ones. Many organizations interact with others on Twitter to gain some attention from a different customer base. An excellent example of this going well is the conversation between Taco Bell and Old Spice who really gave each other a tongue in cheek go about their products and marketing.

Do something unexpected

Sometimes customers can be a little cheeky on social media. The example of a man who jokingly ordered a steak to be delivered before hopping on a two-hour flight spring to mind. The joke was on him though when a tuxedo-clad server met him at his destination with a full steak meal.

Make customers happy       

The best examples of this often come from the social media accounts of hotels. Some savvy marketers in the tourism space have implemented social media monitoring which allows them to keep an eye on guests or those who are expected to check in soon. This has resulted in unexpected gifts, snacks, and activities waiting for guests.

As these examples illustrate, social media monitoring is essential. Whether you’re providing social media support or looking for new ways to interact with customers, creating a strategy to listen is imperative, whatever your industry. And then, actually, listen. Your customers and audience will tell you what they want if you pay attention to them.

So, you know that social media monitoring is essential. But do you need more tips on managing your customer relationship strategy? Read our blog post about how you can tackle your customer relationship management strategy like a genius.

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