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How developers use SMS APIs to explode website traffic

Choosing a good SMS API

A good SMS API is meant to keep a quality SMS marketing campaign underway for an unlimited period of time. Essentially, these APIs are used to connect apps, brands, and customers across the world, using the very specific SMS medium - and exploding website traffic is just an added bonus.

Many developers are realizing that they can also drive high volumes of traffic to their apps and websites using these SMS APIs.

So, how do app developers streamline their SMS messages in order to explode web traffic?

The strategy involved in SMS website traffic sourcing

An SMS service may be the quickest way to connect with consumers and gain interactions, but it can be so much more in the hands of a progressive company. It's not uncommon for mobile-based technologies to encourage traffic to a particular website when the need arises. With SMS and smartphone technology, it's easier than ever.

  • Sending bulk SMS messages to your customers on their smartphones nearly always results in increased traffic. A link embedded in the SMS is all that is required.

  • An SMS API enables you to send out several thousand messages to your clients in an instant. Some 99% of these clients will read your SMS. With a good message and your phone's ability to move seamlessly from text to the internet - you can expect a MUCH higher click-through rate than other forms of advertising.

  • This means that the combination of your app and an SMS API is a valuable marketing asset for traffic generation. If you want to host a time-sensitive sale or launch a new product onto the market - you will always have a way of getting the word out, quickly and easily.

  • A quality text would contain a short (less than 160 character) message, that has a nice clear link embedded in it. Add a call to action that has a powerful incentive attached to it, and watch the traffic rush in! "Hi Ben! It's another real-time sock sale! For the next 30 minutes, all socks are half price. Click here for your 50% off coupon!"

As usual, have your mobile-ready landing page up and running, and geared to sell your products and services, to take full advantage of the SMS traffic boost. These cleverly planned texts sent out via an SMS API are meant to boost your existing traffic generation strategy.

Many developers and website owners use this tactic to reliably increase the number of visits to their site at a specific time. You can coordinate when to send out the messages, as most of them are opened and investigated within a few minutes of being sent. It's really the fastest, safest way to drive extra website traffic to your app, using SMS API systems.

From there, you will be able to enter your SMS visitor into your website sales funnel, to eventually convert them into a buyer or social media fan. There are different levels of conversion, but as long as your integration of an SMS API is being used for website traffic supplementation - you can rely on a steady stream of extra buyers.

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