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Have you tried Zapier?

Few things have impacted the world, and our lives within it, as significantly as automation.  When Henry Ford used automation as a core philosophy for his Model-T production line, he moved the automobile out of the garages of the super-rich and into the fabric of American culture.

Taking tedious, repetitive tasks off your hands is possibly the quickest and most effective way to boost productivity. So how great would it be if you could bring SMS functionality to your favourite cloud-based software, allowing you to automate specific functions, without any coding, whatsoever? It sounded too good to be true, until we partnered with Zapier. In essence, Zapier allows you to create connections between your favourite apps, using simple "if X then Y"commands. We've never come across a more intuitive and user-friendly way to unlock the hidden potential of the apps your business uses on a daily basis. The easiest way to explain the magic of Zapier - when combined with SMS - is through some examples.

Help customers feel the love

What could instant SMS notifications do for your customer relationships? Use Zapier to bring real-time SMS functions to your Zendesk interface, for example. Send customers automated messages for certain trigger functions, or instantly alert your team, via SMS, when a new lead or query comes in.

Set up SMS competitions in minutes

We don't need to tell you how effective an SMS competition is for collecting customer contact details! With Zapier, you can create a Zap that links the customer's SMS to an application like Wufoo. Wufoo will automatically create a competition entry and capture contact details from the SMS.

Make online payments less scary

It's still difficult to get some customers to trust online payment gateways. Put their worries to rest by creating a Zap that sends your customer an SMS confirming their payment, as soon as it is authorised by PayPal.  With Clickatell's truly global reach, you can make customers feel more comfortable using PayPal topay for your products, wherever they are in the world. Ready to try it for yourself? Setup couldn't be simpler!

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