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Set Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Success

Successful digital marketing strategies

With the right digital marketing strategy, your business’s efforts can help you acquire new users, offer quality customer service, and retain valuable customers.

Marketers and businesses are always looking to improve the customer experience and a successful digital marketing strategy is a key driver of this.

Your business stack probably comprises of an amalgamation of a few of the seven thousand marketing tools available today… so how does one sift through this list to find the best tools for your business?

Using research-backed strategies to market your business for success

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is taking control of leading the omnichannel customer experience. Different parts of the customer journey take place on a variety of apps, tools, devices, and more, which can create a diluted and distant experience with your brand.

A crucial aspect of your marketing strategy is to focus on this in order to create a clear journey for your customers to your product or service.

But before you start sifting through the lengthy list of what to adopt and what to steer clear of, your business needs to get the basics right. What we’ve found about setting your marketing stack up for success is that lead generation and the customer experience are the first steps to acquiring new customers and retaining them.

Here’s why you should consider focusing on nailing these two areas of your business before adopting a myriad of marketing tools.

Lead generation, customer acquisition, and retention

Research reveals that in the last five years, the cost of acquiring new customers has increased by over 50 percent, and although your business may be put off by that number, you need to spend time finding the most affordable and impactful way to acquire and retain new customers.

It doesn’t matter how long your business has been around nor whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise - acquiring new customers is a necessity for the growth and success of all businesses.

Your business needs to acquire new customers for a number of reasons including to make enough money to cover expenses, the cost of staff, as well as being able to spend on things that are required to see the business grow, like investing in technology and staff training.

Don’t forget that your partners and investors are also a big reason your business needs to be able to prove that you are gaining new customers and that you are able to retain them, not just create fleeting interest.

Additionally, your business needs to consider all the channels your customer uses to learn about your product or service, then convince them that they need to engage with your brand, and finally encourage them to join the audience of loyal purchasing consumers.

Once you’ve acquired this valuable audience, next is one of the most crucial aspects to retaining them:  customer support.

It’s proven that poor customer service pushes consumers away and “76 percent of consumers look at customer service as a test of their value to a brand” says BizReport.

So, why not give your users value by answering their questions timeously through customer support?

The role of automation in your digital marketing strategy

Even better, when merging customer support with automation, your business can save time and money while adding maximum support to your audience.

Marketing automation isn’t new on the digital marketing arena - it’s a technique that an average of 49 percent of companies currently use and that 55 percent of B2B businesses are adopting.

Merging marketing automation with customer support doesn’t only improve productivity, it lets you connect with clients at the right time, with the right message, and on the right channel through personalized tools, like chatbots.

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