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Best examples of omni-channel experiences

Omni-channel case studies

Omni-channel is one of those marketing concepts that we just can’t ignore anymore. But what is it all about? And what are the winning examples of this form of marketing?

Omni-channel is all about offering customers an integrated experience. This means that no matter how a customer chooses to engage with you – whether it’s via website, app, Facebook or Twitter, a phone call or inside your store – they’ll have the same experience. How customers engage and where they engage doesn’t impact their experience or their purchasing journey.

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Making use of omni-channel marketing means customers have the option of moving between different channels with no hiccups along the way. This means customers can start their process of buying in a mobile app, move onto a website and make contact over the telephone. Any queries they have along the way may be resolved over social media or by using a website chatbot. At every stage of the process, they are recognized as a customer and identified at their current buying or support stage.

So, who’s getting this right? Here are some examples.

Disney Parks

It doesn’t matter where you land on the Disney Parks website, you’ll be greeted by the same sight. Their branding and messaging is incredibly consistent, making you feel like you just stepped into one of their parks. Their site allows you to plan your trip and once you arrive there, you can use it to plan your entire stay. DisneyParks allows visitors to unlock the magic with a MagicBand or Card. Visitors are able to unlock the door of their hotel room, enter theme parks, check in quickly at FastPass+ entrances, connect images to their accounts and charge food and merchandise to their hotel rooms - all via the magic of the band around their wrist.

Starbucks reward app

Everyone’s corner coffee stop has made it possible to check and reload rewards cards via phone, on the website, while in the store, or on the app. All changes to your Starbucks reward card are made across all channels automatically. That means you’ll never be caught without your wallet and without the opportunity to claim your rewards.


Ordering your favorite Mexican food has never been this easy. The Chipotle ordering system is simple to use and ensures your food is ready by the time you arrive at the store. It allows you to save your regular orders, making it possible to order at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever you might find yourself.


It’s pretty clear that all businesses should embrace an omni-channel marketing strategy including simplifying marketing messages and motivating buying behavior. Check out our recent blog post on the subject if you’re interested in reading more about omni-channel marketing and want to find out why it works best.

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