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3 mobile marketing trends you need to know about

1.  Video ads are all the rage 

Video ads are all over. You can find them on social media platforms and they’re being used as remarketing campaigns across popular sites. It’s believed that video advertising increases brand awareness and will generate sales leads for your company. Facebook, in particular, has seen great success with its inclusion of video advertising. Forrester Research reports that 78% of marketers are satisfied (in varying degrees) with their achievements through their Facebook video advertising.

2.   Appropriate app experience

There’s a remarkable difference between visiting a site that is simply mobile-friendly and making use of an app for the site you’re after. Consider a well-known e-commerce store Amazon. You can visit the Amazon website on your phone’s browser and successfully navigate the site. But they also have an app. And that makes all the difference. Nowadays, apps are considered ‘nice-to-have’ for many businesses but if you want to stand out and garner profits via your mobile marketing campaign – cash in hand and not simply awareness – then you need to consider looking to create an easy-to-use app. In this way, your consumers can access your goods and services quickly and easily.

3. Selfie banking: facial recognition technology

Facial recognition technology is here and already being implemented in the banking sector. HSBC, a leading British-based bank and one of the largest in the world, has adopted this new technology. Their customers can, for example, open up new accounts using facial recognition technology. The bank has a photo of the customer on record and when they want to log in to their bank accounts using their mobile banking app they can do so by taking a “selfie”. The “selfie” is then matched to the photograph the bank has on record and access is given. Considering the fact that the camera technology in mobile phones is constantly improving, this new technology is bound to be easily and quickly adopted by most.

Mobile marketing tools and campaigns are worthwhile and new developments are on the horizon  

The mobile marketing trends mentioned above are exciting and future-focused. Because the majority of people operate off their mobile devices daily, investing in a mobile marketing campaign is guaranteed to deliver great ROI. Keeping up with mobile marketing trends is also imperative so as to remain abreast of new ideas and to keep competitive within the marketplace. If you need some guidance on how to create a mobile marketing strategy that’ll “wow” your customers, then browse through our mobile marketing guide.

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