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10 creative uses for your SMS marketing software

Creative SMS marketing

SMS marketing software has reached the point where your online brand can really think outside the box when it comes to holiday promotions. It's almost Halloween again, and soon your customers will be on the lookout for holiday related items, or sites that enjoy the holiday as much as they do. This is an opportunity for you as an online retailer with an SMS list.

It's time to sink in and brainstorm so that your online brand can leverage the creative power of SMS marketing software this year to explode your Halloween sales!  

Ten Times The Terror With SMS Marketing Ideas Like These:

#1: Do something special on Facebook for Halloween, then promote it via SMS. Get your SMS list to like your Facebook page, by offering them free shipping from your online website over the Halloween season. American Eagle Outfitters used this one with great success.

#2: Use Halloween as an excuse to collect valuable marketing research via SMS. Your SMS marketing software should direct your list members to a Halloween-themed URL where they can answer 'creepy' questions about buying on your website. Works every time!

#3: Run an exciting Halloween hamper competition. Gain new opt-ins by placing the ads for this competition all over your ecommerce site and social pages. People will opt-in to your SMS list to win, and if the prize is big enough - you can get thousands around holiday time.

#4: Focus on upselling your customers with free Halloween goodies. JC Penny launched an SMS marketing software campaign that gave customers free bunny ears around Easter, and it was very successful. Give away free Halloween gear for a huge boost in sales.

#5: Get people to a live Twitter event by sending out details to your SMS list. At this live event, mention that customers will be receiving random spot prizes for their answers. This is an incredible way to gain market research for your ecommerce website.

#6: Use your SMS marketing software to leverage charity donations. For Halloween, partner with a local charity, then text your SMS list that 10% of all sales on your website during the week of Halloween will go to this charity.

#7: Link your SMS marketing software campaign with an on-site scare theme. People love creativity, so tell them about your scary sale, where prices are so low they will be blown to pieces from fright. Make it light and include specific product URLs.

#8: Halloween is a great time to give away free stuff. If your ecommerce site is giving away free digital resources or products, make it fun for your customer. For example, include a small game app where they can win different Halloween discounts.

#9: Get your SMS list to vote for specials, content or blog posts that you will create to drive traffic to your ecommerce site. With SMS marketing software, your list will actively respond (giving you valuable reader insight) in return for a nice discount if they purchase something.

#10: Run 'unhappy hour' specials during Halloween for your SMS list. If you have a brick and mortar shop, get your customers to text 'unhappy' to opt-in to your list, then reward them with your unhappy hour special, by texting them a special URL with half price discounts.

Use these 10 creative ideas to launch a few inspired campaigns with your SMS marketing software this year. Time is running out, and you need to decide on a powerful text series that will bring you the traffic, community engagement and sales that you need this holiday season. Pick a few of these and find out if they work in your specific niche.


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