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How to win customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Customer lifecycle management

Capturing the attention of customers has changed significantly in recent years. From analog to online, from websites to apps, and everywhere in between on mobile shelf space, marketers have had their work cut out for them. And, now, appealing to customers at every stage during the customer lifecycle is becoming increasingly important in this overcrowded space.

And there is no space more crowded than the mobile shelf space. It’s important that, when building a mobile community of customers who will choose to spend time with your brand, you think back to the last time you were in a physical store. It was the items placed at eye-level which you noticed first. Online shopping is no different.

So, how can marketers appeal to customers at every stage during the customer lifecycle?

Acquire new mobile subscribers

This is when a customer first becomes aware of your product or service. This could also be when a customer first becomes aware of their need for your product or service. To catch their attention, your brand needs to have a presence on mobile devices so that they can find you and immediately opt-in to become a member of your mobile community. Just some of the ways you can appeal to your audience using mobile include responsive websites, search engine optimization, ads, apps, and SMS marketing.

Onboard new subscribers

Your customers’ mobile shelf space is cluttered. Your placement on these shelves is incredibly important. If your content goes straight to their junk mail, you’re already starting on the back foot. Are people engaging with your SMSes or are they unsubscribing? Is your app on their home screen or does it take several scrolls to find it? Your content must be easily accessible so that your brand is always front of mind for your customers.

Engage them to increase conversions 

After you’ve managed to secure a prime position on your customers’ mobile shelf space, it’s essential that you fight for that customer. Half the battle has been won. Now you need to win their attention and convert leads into sales. You must prove your value in their lives by providing informative and engaging content before they’ve unsubscribed from your newsletters or relegated your app to the third screen on their mobile device. You’ll be taken off their shelf space if you don’t provide value to their lives, so make the most of the opportunity.

Retain customers through smart mobile strategy

Be smart by engaging with your customers in the way they’d prefer to be contacted. Someone who hates receiving phone calls is not going to respond well to brands who choose to communicate in this way. In the same way, someone who responds best to communicating via apps will relish the opportunity to respond to in-app messages.

Consulting and analysis firm McKinsey conducted much research into the changing consumer purchasing decision-making process and outlined how marketers should respond. Their research showed it was the first stage in the customer lifecycle, acquisition, that was the most important in snaring loyal customers who would convert. In addition, it was found that a two-way conversation was needed rather than the traditional way of companies speaking at customers.

“Marketers have long been aware of profound changes in the way consumers research and buy products. Yet a failure to change the focus of marketing to match that evolution has undermined the core goal of reaching customers at the moments that most influence their purchases,” McKinsey said in their research.

“The shift in consumer decision making means that marketers need to adjust their spending and to view the change not as a loss of power over consumers but as an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, giving them the information and support they need to make the right decisions.”

Mobile marketing's role in the customer lifecycle

If you're interested in mobile marketing and how you should use it in your customer lifecycle, then you should absolutely read our mobile marketing guide. It’s filled with great tips on how to use mobile to create an integrated, personalized customer experience.

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