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Clever CRM strategies

CRM solutions are in place to increase customer lifetimes, reduce costs and improve efficiency by creating a single customer view. Through aligned channels of communication, analysis of data garnered and brought together in a single location, and the reporting on findings to the rest of the company, this department can hit their goals.

Moving customer relationship management strategy to mobile

According to Worldometers, there are approximately 7.4 billion people on planet Earth. Of those, an estimated 5.3 billion have mobile phones. In fact, in 2013 the United Nations released a shocking statistic that, at the time, indicated approximately 4.5 billion people had access to working toilets but 6 billion people had access to a mobile phone (whether they owned it or not).

Also, mobile phones are intimate devices that we’re attached to all the time. This means communicating to your customer on their personal device is communicating to them directly and grabbing their attention as quickly as they reach for their phone when it beeps, buzzes and lights up with a notification.

So, in the marketing game, mobile is king

Mobile capabilities widen your audience and keep your existing customers loyal. Going mobile means not only having a site that’s developed for comfortable smart phone or tablet UX but also one that can integrate with social media channels. Your customers want to chat to you directly whether they’re singing your praises or needing to vent. If they can do so on their mobile phones then that’s great. This means that a mobile customer relationship management strategy is imperative for you to stay relevant to your customers.  

Quick and easy mobile messaging is a cost-effective CRM solution. It quite literally mobilizes your CRM program through short message service (SMS) functionality. And, this is the best way of sending a direct and specific message directly to your customer. You can use SMS to communicate about special offers or killer deals, as a reminder about an outstanding account payment, or to let your customer know you’re looking forward to seeing them at their next appointment. The uses and the reach to your specific audience are limitless.

So, tackling your customer relationship management strategy like a genius means using SMS marketing because:

It’s delivered quickly and it’s opened automatically

SMS is the most immediate and direct channel of communication available to marketers. According to Mogreet 98 percent of SMS messages are opened and read, and most are read within three minutes of delivery. What’s more, the networks we operate on are fast and a text message can be delivered within 10 seconds of it being sent.

It’s engaging, personal and brief

If you’re sniffing around for some feedback or you’d like your customers to take part in a quick survey, then asking them to do so via SMS is best. If your customer is loyal they’ll respond quickly with their feedback. In this way you’re able gather information about your customer’s satisfaction or unhappiness, very quickly. This data helps you know when and how to improve your service or products. Once you’ve done so, you can flaunt it about to your customers and invite them to come and test your wares.

You understand your customer is busy, and SMS marketing is to the point

With an SMS you are given 160 characters and no more. Your message has to be quick and punchy and to the point, which even the best copywriters have a problem with. When you’re limited to 160 characters, you’re forced to make it happy and snappy.

Read our CRM guide and learn more about how you can use SMS as part of your Customer Relationship Management Strategy to make your customers feel valued.

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