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SMS in business and the entertainment industry

SMS marketing in the entertainment industry

Consumers almost always have their mobile phones or other mobile devices in their hands, their faces glued to the screen as they devour information about celebrities, news, and upcoming events. Almost all of these people are interested in hearing from entertainment companies about events and promotions. Using SMS in business, such as for an event organizing company, will allow you to engage with customers, easily change your schedule and ask for vital feedback.

How can SMS marketing help in the entertainment industry?

It’s a known fact that SMS marketing can improve customer experience and engagement, but how would you leverage this in the entertainment industry? It’s an industry known for inundating consumers with information about events, and while this is helpful in some respects, it is easy for customers to become annoyed and ignore your messages. Read on for some effective ways to leverage SMS marketing in the entertainment industry.

The hospitality sector can increase profits

The hospitality industry can use SMS in business and consumer marketing to reduce costs and increase their profits. Companies may suffer losses if customers do not arrive or fulfill a reservation because they forgot about the reservation or didn’t receive confirmation from the establishment that they reserved a hotel room or a restaurant booking.

An empty reservation can affect businesses such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, guesthouses, and even campsites because they’re turning away customers who would have filled the reservation. These businesses are able to put SMS messaging into action to contact customers to ensure that their reservation is correct and to confirm that they’ll still be there. Being able to open up a spot if a reservation is canceled, allows the restaurant or hotel the opportunity to increase their profits and save themselves from a loss of money.

Customer loyalty is increased

Signing up new customers is a vital success factor any business, but you should focus equally on retaining existing ones too. Fostering brand loyalty is one way to ensure that once-off consumers become return customers, and this can be done by using effective and efficient SMS marketing.

SMS enables companies to build rapport with customers, allowing them to opt-in to offers, confirm reservations or ticket purchases and provide feedback. This two-way street of communication encourages the customer to become involved in the conversation, rather than just being a passive observer. They’ll become loyal to your brand because of personalized SMS messages that show that you see them as a valued customer rather than just another way to make a profit.

Drive traffic to your website and social media platforms

The entertainment industry thrives on numbers, which is why driving more traffic to your website and social media platforms is vital to the success of any business in the industry. Using SMS in business is effective because you can include a link to your website in your SMSes or encourage customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

If you want to see how well your SMSes with links are doing, you can use a tracking tool to track their performance. You’ll notice that the open rates of SMS messages are impressive, reaching almost 98 percent, which means that many of those links are clicked on and the sites are gaining traffic from consumers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. The customer experience is also improved – consumers are able to instantly find out about the events or services you offer by visiting your site or Facebook page.

Send out surveys

You can use SMS marketing for more than just sending details to customers and collecting their information for your subscriptions. Consumers appreciate it when businesses take their opinions into account, and what better industry to make use of this than the entertainment industry?

Your surveys could include questions about how to improve your venue for an upcoming event, which dish is the most popular at your restaurant or what services could be worked on in your hotel. Remember, you should implement these changes once the survey is over, in order to show customers that you are truly listening to their concerns. The impressive open rate of SMSes means that your surveys have higher response rates for fantastic feedback.

There’s no business like show business… but what if no-one shows up?

Event reminders, exclusive offers, and exciting giveaways are just some of the ways that using SMS marketing in the event industry can improve the customer experience. SMS marketing can help the entertainment industry in a range of different ways too, such as allowing those in the hospitality sector to save money by avoiding empty reservations and drive more traffic to websites and social media pages. Why not test drive Clickatell Platform for easy SMS integration for your business? You’ll be able to send free test messages from our sandbox environment. Alternatively, read more on how SMS in business strategies can help improve the customer experience in the entertainment industry.

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