"We've harnessed more than a decade of insight into digital communications and blended the best technical advancements to create truly transformative communication solutions."

Deon van Heerden, CEO: Clickatell Messaging

Our mission?

To make customers smile!
For businesses communicating with the mobile always consumer, Clickatell provides a customer experience platform that lets consumers communicate directly with businesses through one-touch on demand customer service.

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Founded 15 years ago, Clickatell is a pioneer in helping brands build experiences and relationships with customers via mobile phones, starting with SMS and text messaging. This long history of delivering new services to enterprise customers has given Clickatell insight into building truly transformative B2C communication solutions.

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Global reach

Reach customers in every corner of the globe with the ability to connect, interact and transact with over 85% of the world population across 1000+ mobile network providers.



Years in business


Billion mobile phone users


Territories worldwide

15 000

Global brands

Executive team

Hand-picked for their experience, skills and achievements in our very competitive field, our team are the driving force behind Clickatell’s international growth.

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Our success stories

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"User authentication via SMS enables us to weed out automated sign-ups and protect our user data. With Clickatell’s help, we are certain that every sign-up is a legitimate user."

Pingkan Irwin, GO-JEK INDONESIA VP of Marketing.

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“Clickatell offers an incredibly cost-effective solution, with great service support. This is what we really care about when making a decision. The API integration was smooth and great prices and an intuitive UI make for good service delivery.” - UCOOK co-founder David Torr

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QNAP NAS devices use SMS alerts to inform IT administrators and home users about different events like system errors, warnings, and other critical notifications allowing for quick troubleshooting and considerably minimizing downtime caused by unexpected failures.

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Our awards

Clickatell is both honoured and humbled by the awards and recognition that we have received from industry, business and community leaders. The awards we've received underpin our commitment to servicing our customers with passion and excellence at all times.

  • 2017 Best messaging SMS provider for Africa Award

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